2 1/2 years!

This month Mingli turned 2 and 1/2!  He is just getting so big.  He is such an affectionate little boy.  He loves giving hugs and kisses, and has even started saying I love you.  The other day I was sitting with him and I said “I love Mingli, I love daddy, and I love Iella.”  He thought a minute then said “I love mama, love daddy, love Iella, love baby (he calls himself baby).”  His speech is also getting better every day.  He actually asked Kaanas to open a door for him the other day by saying “Daddy, open door.”

Mingli is currently obsessed with Moana.  He wants to watch it a few times every since day.  He tries to sing along with some of the songs as well.

Mingli still loves cars, but more than anything fire trucks right now, which is funny because he used to be so scared of fire trucks.  He will walk around the house going “wa, wa, wa (his fire truck noise).”  He really loves any noise, actually.  He knows so many animal noises and loves pointing out different animals and telling people what noises they make.  His favorite animal is an elephant, but he also loves the alligator noise.

He loves singing songs and is constantly learning more.  His new one is wheels on the bus, and he constantly wants to sing it.  He will even tell me which verse he wants to sing.  He also love patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, teasing mr. crocodile, and ABCs.

I love my little boy so much.



We had a great Christmas here.  This year Mingli was a little more into everything than he was last year and seemed to at least kind of understand what was going on.  Iella of course didn’t care about anything other than getting cuddled.  Well, almost nothing.

Christmas Eve day was fairly busy as always.  Since it was Sunday we went to church in the morning.  We only had sacrament meeting, and it was earlier than usual, so that everyone could get home and be with their families.

At home I got to work finishing up stockings.  My mom bought new stockings for everyone in the family this year and I offered to embroider names on all of them.  I still had about half of the stocking still to do, so I got busy as soon as church was over.  By this time I was in a good groove with them, though, and was able to move through them fast.  Everyone else was wrapping up last minute presents and doing Christmas cooking.

In my family on Christmas Eve we do our Christmas play then open presents.  This year both of my kids were in the family Christmas play.  Mingli was Joseph and Iella was an angel.

After that we opened presents, and I was so excited about this.  In my family we do family presents Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is for Santa presents.  This is how I have always liked it, but Kaanas likes all presents to be on Christmas morning.  This year I finally started to agree with him.  Last year we were able to take time with the presents and Mingli was able to play with all of them as he opened them.  This year we rushed through the presents, just giving Mingli a few seconds to look at each one before having to move on to the next one.  As soon as he had opened them all they were all taken away because it was already an hour past his bedtime.  Despite this Mingli still seemed to have a good time and was excited about all of his presents.

After he went to bed Kaanas and I went to set up his Santa presents.  In my family Santa presents aren’t wrapped.  Most of them are actually taken out of the package and set up for a wow factor as the kids come down.  This is a tradition we are continuing because I love it.  Some things are just so much better set up, like the ball pit Mingli got for Christmas this year.

We woke Mingli and Ebo up at about 8 in the morning because I couldn’t wait anymore.  Last year Christmas morning Mingi saw the toys, then turned around and walked away.  This year he went right for them.  We also brought down his toys from last night so he could play with those.  He had so much fun all morning with his big cars, ball pit, play dough kit, and lots more.  Honestly, we kind of went overboard with presents this year.  Iella even got a present that she actually liked.  We got her a little crescent shaped cushion that had toys hanging off it for tummy time and when I put her on it her eyes got really big as she focused on the toys, one of which was a mirror.

Overall it was a really good Christmas.

Tot art

On Friday our county library was having an art class for children ages 1-3, so we decided to take Mingli and Ebo.  I wasn’t sure how much Mingli would like it, but it was a lot of fun.  His favorite part was painting a snowman.  They gave him a large cutout snowman and some kids paint rollers with different patterns on them and let Mingli roll paint onto his snowman.  Then they had glitter to put on the snowman, and Mingli just loved this.  He put his own cup of glitter on his snowman, rolled it around, then went around the table looking for more glitter (we were late and the other children had already finished this activity).  After that was a craft where they made reindeer hats.  We didn’t want to force Mingli to do it any certain way, so he ended up with several eyes and noses glued wherever he felt like putting them.  It was a strange hat, but I liked it even better than if he had done it correctly, because he did it how he wanted.  The last activity was coloring, and Mingli just didn’t seem interested in this, even though he usually loves it, so instead he went and played with toys on the floor.  It was so much fun, and I am so excited to go again.  Our library has this activity every couple of weeks, so we can go often.

FHE on prayer

In our church we have been asked to set aside one night a week as a family night, we call it Family Home Evening, shortened to FHE.  Different families do different things during this time.  Often there is a lesson, sometimes an activity, sometimes a service project, often a snack.  As Mingli has been getting older Kaanas and I have decided to make FHE more of a priority, so we have started planning simple lessons to teach him.  Tonight we had FHE about prayer.  It was very, very simple.  We told him that when we prayer we are talking to Heavenly Father (who was the subject of our last FHE lesson), that we tell Heavenly Father what we are thankful for, and ask for what we need, then end the prayer in Jesus name, and say amen.  We told him that when we prayer we fold our arms and close our eyes.  That was pretty much it.  That was also as long as his attention span lasted.  Our lessons are really simple right now, but as we teach our son these things I can feel the Spirit in our home, and I hope he can as well.

Doctor’s appointments and referrals

Today was Mingli’s doctor’s appointment.  Poor little guy had no idea what was going on.  He didn’t like having his head measured, or people looking in his ear, or any of that stuff.  They did let him play with the tape measure, which he had a lot of fun with.

At the appointment we talked about Mingli’s development. I have been concerned for quite a while with Mingli’s development, mainly his language development but also his emotional development and his sensory processing.  I talked to the doctor about this and she gave him a screening test for autism.  The test results came back at risk for autism, which is what I was expecting.  They put in a referral for more testing so we can figure out for sure and get Mingli therapy if he needs it.  I am relieved that this process is finally started.  I have been worried for some time and now I will finally get some answers.  I am not scared of him having autism, but I am worried about how a diagnosis will effect him.  It is something Kaanas and I are going to have to figure out because I do think getting him help with coping skills is important.

Tot school

For tot school today we read Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs.  After I took Mingli’s dinosaur costume from Halloween and we danced around the kitchen listening the the song We Are The Dinosaurs.  This wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t good weather so we couldn’t do our planned activity.  It was a gross motor activity, so I decided last minute that dancing was a good substitute.

Next was a counting activity found here.  I wrote a number and the corresponding number of circles on each card.  We used a cookie sheet and some magnets to put on each of the circles.  Mingli counted as we did this and identified some of the numbers.  As we were starting this activity Ebo came and joined us.  After doing some counting we let the two kids just play with the magnets, which they had a lot of fun doing.


After that we did another gross motor activity.  Mingli got a bunch of balls for his 2nd birthday and I got them and helped the kids practice throwing the balls into a basket.  They loved this, and after a while we started throwing the balls to each other, then they just started playing with them.


We didn’t do a ton for Halloween this year.  Mingli is still young so didn’t really know what was going on.  Kaanas had to work, but we decided that me and my dad were going to take Mingli trick or treating.  Kaanas got to do the trunk or treating, so he was ok missing the trick or treating, especially since we really thought Mingli would have a lot of fun.

Once my dad got home from work we got Mingli all dressed up and ready.  He seemed to remember the trunk or treating, so he was actually excited when we dressed him up and gave him his bag.  I never could get him to say trick or treat, but he had fun going from house to house and dragging his bag behind him.  He had the most fun at the houses where he was able to pick out his own candy instead of just having candy put in his bag.  Although his favorite part was when we got home and I let him pick out 2 pieces of candy to eat.

One house was so funny.  They let him pick out a piece of candy, then told him to get another, then another.  By this time Mingli seemed to think he was just supposed to take all the candy, so before I could grab him he reach out to grab a 4th piece of candy.  The person handing out the candy thought this was really funny and told him he could have as much as he wanted.  I did stop it at 4 because I didn’t want him taking all the candy.

Even though we weren’t out long it was a lot of fun.  Mingli wasn’t ready to come back, but he really didn’t need more candy, and I knew that he would start getting tired soon.  I love that Mingli is getting old enough to start enjoying the holidays, because they are a big deal to me.  Holidays are going to start getting more and more fun.

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