Snack baskets

I have been struggling lately with food for Mingli during the day.  He really needs 3 meals and 3 snacks a day to stay happy, and it is really hard for me.  I do it, I am not going to let him starve, but often we are not eating very well.  I am still coming up with good solutions for the meals, but we have found something that I think will work really well for snacks.  Monday Kaanas and I went to the store and bought a bunch of snacks, especially ones that I am ok with Mingli eating often.  This morning I took all of those snacks and separated them into individual Mingli-sized servings and put them into snack bags.  We got 2 plastic baskets from the dollar store, one big and one small one.  The small one is now sitting on a low shelf that Mingli can get to and contains snacks that I am ok with him eating pretty much whenever he wants.  Right now we have some fruit pouches (they are in the baby food section, but have just purred fruit in them.  Kind of like apple sauce, but lots of different fruits, and they are drinkable so toddlers can feed themselves.  The one Mingli had this morning was strawberry, pear, apple, and pineapple), raisins, fruit and grain bars, whole grain crackers, and 1 bag of teddy grahams( I know, not the healthiest).  I only put a couple of each in there so Mingli can easily see his choices and not get too overwhelmed.  This also gives Mingli a bit more choice over what he eats.  All of the rest of the snacks, including snacks that I don’t want Mingli to have constant access to, got put in the big basket in a higher cabinet.  Every few days I can take this big basket down and use it to replenish Mingli’s little snack basket.  I can also occasionally give him some of the special treats in that basket.  I had the baskets ready when he woke up from his nape and needed a snack, so I showed him where it was and let him pick what he wanted.  When it was time for his bedtime snack we told him to go pick something and he immediately ran in and got something.  So far his favorite seems to be the fruit pouches, which makes me super happy, so we are getting more of those.  I am really excited about this and feel like it is going to make the days easier.