Yarn Winder

Kaanas let me pick out my mother’s day gift this year, so I chose a yarn winder.  I have so many balls of yarn that are all tangled and the balls are falling apart.  I also prefer center pull balls of yarn, but not all of my yarn comes like that.  The yarn winder quickly rolls all of my yarn into center pull balls.  I have been doing this manually using a paper towel roll, but that takes forever and is very tedious, so I have been wanting a yarn winder for several months.  Today my yarn winder came in the mail, so I have been using it on some of the yarn that is a mess, and I love it.  Depending on how tangled the yarn is it only takes 5-10 minutes to wind it, as opposed to the hour or more it would take me with the paper towel roll.  I am so glad I got finally got my yarn winder and can now work on cleaning up my supply of yarn.


Mother’s Day

This is my first mother’s day actually being a mother.  Last mother’s day I was pregnant, so we celebrated, but it is different having a child.  Kaanas took Mingli this morning so I could sleep in an extra hour, then he brought me breakfast in bed.  It was really sweet and made me feel special.

At church we have been asked to teach the 5 year old class.  This was supposed to be our first Sunday teaching them, but since it was mother’s day they arranged for all the women to get to go to Relief Society (our women’s class), and the father of one of the little boys in our class came and helped Kaanas teach (all of our primary classes have two teachers, usually a husband and wife, but sometimes two men or two women).

I spent a good part of the day scrapbooking.  I worked on Mingli’s scrapbook.  For a while my digital scrapbooking software was on a computer that doesn’t work anymore, so I wasn’t able to do anything with it.  I have just gotten it back on our working computer so I am really behind, but trying to catch up.  So today I was working on pages from when Mingli was born.  It was the perfect mother’s day activity.  I am so glad I am a mom.  It has brought more joy to my life than almost anything else (the only thing that can compete with it is being a wife).

Today has been a little sad.  I have thought about the baby that we would have had, planning that baby’s scrapbook, being a mother to two.  One of my mother’s day presents was a little locket that came with various birthstones.  You are supposed to put one birthstone in the locket for each of your children.  I put in one for Mingli and one for the baby that we lost.  For some this might make it harder, being constantly reminded, but for me I can’t move on unless I feel like I am not just forgetting.  I love my baby, I always will, and having a physical symbol of my baby helps me heal, helps ease some of the guilt I feel about moving on and being happy.