Life changes

For the past 2 1/2 years Kaanas has worked at Walmart.  At first it was just a temporary job to get us through as newlyweds, but he quickly discovered he actually loves Walmart and he could make a good career out of it.  He was promoted to department manager a year and a half ago and has been working to get an assistant manager job.  He is really close, which is nice because it would be a salary position, and a comfortable one at that.  Well we have been praying a lot in the last little bit, and we feel strongly that continuing to pursue promotion at Walmart is no longer the path we should take.  We feel like God is telling us that it is time to move on.  In a way we already knew this, as Kaanas gets closer and closer to getting promoted our family is slowly being pushed into a lifestyle that is not making us happy, but this is what we have gotten used to and are comfortable with.  We are also so close to having a comfortable income where we can actually be paying off debt and saving money.  The feeling that we needed to pursue another path was rather sudden and scary, but one that we both feel is right and what God wants for us right now.  Kaanas hasn’t quit his job yet, but he is looking for a new job.  There are a few opportunities near us that we are kind of excited about and think might be a really good thing for our family.  We are also looking to move to another nearby city, which we also weren’t expecting.  I love where we are living and the people here.  I love the apartment we are living in.  But we feel like moving will be best for us.  The cost of living in this other city is lower, and we could afford a 3 bedroom house instead of a 2 bedroom apartment.  There are also more opportunities there than there are here, and opportunities that might work as a long term career for Kaanas.  There is also better public transportation, so I would have more freedom during the day even though we still can’t afford a 2nd car.  We are really nervous about these changes that are coming, but also really excited.