FHE on prayer

In our church we have been asked to set aside one night a week as a family night, we call it Family Home Evening, shortened to FHE.  Different families do different things during this time.  Often there is a lesson, sometimes an activity, sometimes a service project, often a snack.  As Mingli has been getting older Kaanas and I have decided to make FHE more of a priority, so we have started planning simple lessons to teach him.  Tonight we had FHE about prayer.  It was very, very simple.  We told him that when we prayer we are talking to Heavenly Father (who was the subject of our last FHE lesson), that we tell Heavenly Father what we are thankful for, and ask for what we need, then end the prayer in Jesus name, and say amen.  We told him that when we prayer we fold our arms and close our eyes.  That was pretty much it.  That was also as long as his attention span lasted.  Our lessons are really simple right now, but as we teach our son these things I can feel the Spirit in our home, and I hope he can as well.


FHE, about Jesus

I’ve recently realized that Mingli is old enough to start understand some of the basic things that our church teaches and that wee believe, so I have been looking for good ways to teach him at his level.  Yesterday after Kaanas got home from work we went out to Deseret Book and got Mingli a My First Book Of Mormon Stories board book.  It is really simple and meant to toddlers.  I am wanting to start reading some to him every night.  We also bought him a couple of little pictures of Jesus with children.  When we got home we had a simple family home evening lesson.  In our church we are counseled to have family home evening every Monday night.  It is a time when families can gather together and learn about the Gospel, do service, and just spend time together.  Kaanas and I have not been very good about doing this, but with Mingli getting older we thought this would be a good habit to get into and a good time to teach him about what we believe.  I showed him the pictures of Jesus one by one.  As I did Kaanas and I helped him point out Jesus and say His name.  I told him over and over, with each picture, “Jesus loves Mingli.”  He seemed to actually be getting it, and he seemed to really enjoy it.  After the lesson we took the pictures and hung them on the wall above Mingli’s crib so he can see them as he is falling asleep and when he wakes up.  We will probably repeat this lesson at some point, maybe many times, and I want to add in more about Jesus as Mingli begins to understand more.  I am really excited about how this lesson went, and especially that Mingli seemed to enjoy it.

Happy Easter!

Last night Kaanas and I got our apartment set up with Easter baskets (really simple, just a chocolate bunny, one special treat each, and a few plastic eggs with chocolates) and hid some plastic eggs (with the same chocolate) around our living room (by hid, I mean put around in plain sight so a young toddler could find them).  When Kaanas got home from working the night shift we brought Mingli out to the living room, showed him the baskets, and showed him how to put the eggs in the baskets.  He had a lot of fun gathering the eggs, until he discovered there was chocolate in them, then he just wanted to open them and eat the chocolate.  He was a little upset when we only let him have 1 piece of chocolate and a bite of his chocolate bunny. After our egg hunt and breakfast we called my parents and then watched some Christ centered shows.  It was really a nice, relaxing morning.

Church was pretty hard today.  I was really excited about the lesson I was teaching, and I had come up with some ideas that I thought the children would like.  I did feel like the lesson went really well, and that the children were able to feel the importance of what was being taught and able to feel the spirit.  The only problem was that I was feeling horrible sick all through church, and since Kaanas worked last night and again tonight he was sleeping, so I was teaching alone.  I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it all the way through, but I did.

When we got home we woke up Kaanas and went outside to take Easter pictures.  I think we got some cute ones, and I am excited to send them out to family.  We didn’t have anyone to take a family picture of us, so I set the camera on a picnic table and set it to record.  We recorded ourselves for about 30 seconds, and I am going to go back and take pictures from that video.

In my family our traditional Easter dinner is foods that Christ ate during his life, specifically ones mentioned in the scriptures.  We have fish, mini bread loves and honey, olives, figs, and grape juice.  I loved that tradition, but Kaanas hates fish, so we have been trying to work out a new Easter dinner tradition.  This year we went ahead and had ham and potatoes.  Kaanas cooked it,  because I was really not feeling well.  I was really happy that I was actually able to eat it, but then I wasn’t able to keep all of it down.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

My brother is home

My brother, Weylin, has been on a mission for our church for about 6 months now.  In our church young men are encouraged to go on a two year mission when they are 18 years old.  About a month and a half ago he got sick.  He started feeling nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, and his head hurt.  These are the same symptoms my brother, Roark, got on his mission.  Roark was sick for about 6 months with doctors running every test they could think of before he was finally sent home a year into his mission.  We never found out exactly what was wrong with Roark, but he was sick for a couple of years before getting better.  When Weylin started showing the same symptoms that made Roark so sick on his mission we all got nervous, but we were still hoping that it might be ok.  Weylin has now been sick for about a month and a half with no sign of getting better.  Doctors have been running tests on him but haven’t been able to find anything.  Today he finally came home.  I know he is disappointed, and that makes me sad.  He loved his mission and did not want to come home so soon.  I am also worried because Roark was sick for years before finally getting better.  I am worried that Weylin is going to have to go through the same thing.  I know it is still possible that what Weylin has is different that what Roark had, but they are so similar.  Members of our family have tested positive for a couple of different genetic problems, and so I wonder if it has something to do with that.  Weylin is going to keep going to the doctor, hopefully we can get some answers as to why he is sick.

Last day at church and some packing

Yesterday was our last day at our current ward in our church.  In our church you are assigned to a ward based on where you live.  We are only moving 10 minutes away, but our new apartment will be in a different ward.  We don’t know most people here very well, because we have only been here 4 months, but there were some people I was starting to become friends with.  It made me sad to say good bye to them.  We also had to say good bye to the class we teach.  Kaanas and I have been teaching a class of 3 year olds, and they are so much fun, but also crazy.  Church will be more relaxing when I can just go to adult Sunday school and relief society, but I will definitely miss our kids.

Today Kaanas is at work, so I am packing more stuff to get it ready to be taken to our apartment tonight when he gets home.  We also have someone from our ward coming and helping Kaanas move some furniture, so I am getting the furniture ready.  I want to have most of the house packed by the time Kaanas gets home, but we will see what happens.  For a while I had Mingli on the bed with toys while I packed up our bedroom, but every time he saw me he would start laughing and lunge for me.  I was getting a little frustrated, because I wanted him to stay in the middle of the bed so he was safest, but he kept trying to scoot towards me.  Then I realized how silly it was to be upset with my baby just because he loves me.  He was happy every time I would poke my head up from where I was sitting right beside the bed and just wanted to spend some time with me.  Once I realized this I decided the packing could wait until he was down for a nap, which would only be in about half an hour anyways, and I climbed up on the bed with him.  We cuddled and played with his toys, and it was totally worth the half hour of packing I missed out on.

General conference

Twice a year in my church we have what we call General conference. Over a weekend we have four two hour long broadcasts where our prophet, apostles, and other church leaders speak to the whole church. This weekend was our General conference. I love getting to spend two days listening to my church leaders. It was a wonderful experience.