A little in shock

Kaanas has been doing a lot of job interviewing over the past few days, having a few interviews a day.  Some of the jobs were not that great, like the warehouse job, some were ok, and a couple were great.  He went to one interview on Tuesday that we really have no idea how he got.  He applied for a call center job at the company and got called in for an interview, only they didn’t interview him for the call center job, they interviewed him for an upper management job, that would be making $85,000 a year after he finished his training.  We were both a little shocked that they did that interview, because he doesn’t have his degree yet and he doesn’t have the experience for that job, but he got a call back later that afternoon saying that he was one of their top 10 candidates and that they wanted him to come in for a second interview.  We were again shocked, but he went into the second interview.  It was actually at a Sam’s Club (the company finds clients who have products they want to sell, gets them made, and then sells them in stores).  A few hours later he got a call back saying he was now in their top 3 and they wanted him to come in for a 3rd and final interview.  That was yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon he got a call back saying that he got the job.  We are a little in shock.  This had to have been God’s doing, because there is no other way this could have happened.  They had over 600 applicants, and out of those applicants they for some reason said, “let’s interview the guy who has no degree and no experience!”  He was told a few times that the other applicants were more qualified than he was, but somehow he still got the job.  He will start next week on his training.  He will start by selling products in stores, mainly Sam’s Club, and his pay will be mostly commission based, then when he learns that they will move him to an assistant manager and he will be making about $45,000 a year.  After he learns that they will move him to the position that he is actually training for and he will make a salary based on how many clients he takes on, but the low end is $85,000 a year, upper end is $125,000 a year.  They want him finished with his training and at the upper position in 6-9 months.  By the beginning of next year he will be making $85,000 a year.  We are amazed.  This is a huge blessing.