Our new apartment

Kaanas and I signed the lease on our new apartment yesterday.  Today we have made a couple of trips to bring stuff over.  Since we agreed with Kaanas’s grandpa to be out of here by the 15th so that he could put his house for sell we still have a little more than two weeks to get moved.  Since we have a bit of time I am trying to bring stuff over more slowly.  We have been packing up enough to fill the back of our van, bringing it over, and then I unpack the boxes at our new apartment so we don’t have a tone of boxes stacked everywhere (we also only have a few boxes, so we have to bring the boxes back so I can pack more).  I had wanted to have everything put where I want it to go permanently, but I realized that wasn’t going to work.  I don’t know where I want everything to go permanently for one thing, and some things we either don’t have the things we need to get them put up, or we haven’t moved them over yet because we are still using them here at the house.  So instead things that can be are put up, and other things are in piles on the floor or in temporary places.  I am still happy there are not stacks of boxes, though.

We met some of our neighbors, including the people we share a landing with.  They were super nice.  I think we are really going to like it here.  Also, the people we share a landing with have lived in the same apartment for 8 years.  If this is a place people are willing to stay in for 8 years it must not be too bad of a place to live.