Mingli’s eating problem

We have been having trouble with Mingli eating lately.  Mostly he just throws his food on the floor and doesn’t hardly eat anything.  We have tried lots of different things to get him to eat, but I think we may have finally found something that works, having him sit at the table with us.  The last few meals we have used his high chair like a booster seat and no food or dishes have been thrown on the floor and his food has actually been eaten.  There hasn’t even been a lot of playing with food going on.  I am really glad we have found such a simple solution to this problem and I hope it keeps working.


Mingli learned how to take his pants and diaper off quite a while ago, but yesterday he reached a new milestone, taking his shirt off.  He had been trying to take it off all morning, working hard to get one arm out of the sleeve, but he would always get stuck and I would have to untangle him.  Whenever I untangled him I would put his shirt back on, but that never seemed to discourage him, he just started trying again.  After quite a while of this I watched as he finally managed to get the first arm out of the sleeve, and from there it was a piece of cake to get it up over his head and completely off.  He was so proud of himself and ran back to his room, waving his shirt behind him.  When I followed him back to his room he had already gotten his shirt drawer open, picked out a new shirt (well, actually a romper, but I keep them in the same place), and was trying to get it on by himself.  He quickly gave up and decided to just run around without a shirt.

Hospital trip

I had a midwife appointment today to talk about managing my depression.  We didn’t actually spend much time talking about that, we just discussed different types of physical activities I could do to help me feel better.  I was kind of disappointed and felt like she didn’t really understand.  The thing we did spend quite a while discussing was some abdominal pain I have been having.  Last Thursday I woke up with really severe abdominal pain on my lower right side, bad enough that I couldn’t move.  We almost went to the ER then, but after about 10 minutes I threw up and the pain immediately got better.  I called my midwife office and the nurse told me that as long as the pain stayed mild I could monitor it at home, but if it got bad again, or if certain other symptoms developed, I needed to go straight to the ER.  That was a week ago, and the pain has been constant.  Never bad like it was, going back and forth between mild and moderate, but always there.  I talked to my midwife about this today, and she sent me to the hospital to get some blood work done and my sure it wasn’t my appendix, because it was right where I would be having pain if there was a problem with my appendix.  We went to the hospital, and they told us the lab work wouldn’t take long, so we waited at the hospital for it, because if I had a problem with my appendix I needed to be at the hospital anyways.  Well, after being at the hospital for an hour we found out that my appendix was fine, but my abdominal pain was getting worse, so my midwife said she wanted me to go to the ER to run more tests and see what was going on.  At this point Mingli was going crazy because he had sat through a doctor’s appointment and spent an hour at the hospital, so I called someone from church and Kaanas left to drop Mingli off at their house while I got checked in.  They did a ton of tests, blood work, urine tests, and ultrasound, gave me an IV (which was nice because I have a really hard time staying hydrated when drinking water still makes me sick), and even gave me morphine because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the abdomen.  Finally, after being in the ER for 2 hours and the hospital in general for 3 1/2 we found out that I had a bladder infection.  We are a bit upset that the midwives didn’t catch that, because they could have saved us 3 1/2 hours at the hospital and an ER bill by just doing a simple urine test, but I wasn’t having the usual symptoms of a bladder infection, so I can’t be too upset at them.  At least it wasn’t anything major, bladder infections just require a round of antibiotics as opposed to the surgery my appendix would have required.  I am also glad they did find someone wrong that they can fix.  I was a bit worried they were just going to tell me they couldn’t find anything wrong and I just had to deal with it.  Now, even though I know I will still be having pregnancy pain, at least some of the abdominal pain will probably go away.

In happier news, I am now in the 2nd trimester!!!!!!

Mingli’s sleep

Well, it has been a long journey, but I think we have finally done it.  For the last several months we have been working on transitioning Mingli from co-sleeping with us every night, and nursing/rocking to sleep every night and nap, and waking up every night to nurse (yes, at 15 months he still woke up every night to nurse), to sleeping in his own bed, all night, and falling asleep laying down in his bed by himself.  It has taken a long time because I refuse to leave Mingli in his room to cry it out, so we have had to move slowly and take lots of little baby steps.  There was some crying, but we helped him work through it.

First we started having him sleep in his crib beside our bed with the side off.  This was actually one of the hardest stages because I had to keep putting him back in his bed every time he crawled over to ours.  We actually eventually gave up on this and put the side up on his crib and made him sleep in it.  This involved quite a bit of crying, but he was still laying right next to me, and I would rub his back, hold his hand, sing to him, all that stuff.  We were weaning him at the same time, which actually went a lot better than I had expected it to.  Eventually he got to the point where he would sleep in his crib beside me all night without waking up and crying.  When he got good at this, we moved the crib to his room.  For the first week of him being in his own room I slept on an air mattress on the floor, but I was away from his crib.  After a week he was used to this and doing really well.  I was nervous about moving back to my room, I thought I’d be getting up a lot to calm him down when he woke up and I wasn’t there, but this was actually the easiest stage.  He didn’t even seem to notice that I wasn’t sleeping in the room with him and just kept sleeping through the night.  It was pretty great.  Once he was consistently sleeping through the night in his own room we started trying to get him to fall asleep in his crib.  First we rocked him until he was almost asleep, then laid him down in his crib to finish falling asleep.  He didn’t like this much at first, but got used to it.  Then we started laying him down with less and less rocking, until we were laying him down with no rocking at all.  This was actually pretty hard, because he would cry if we left the room, so we sat in a rocking chair in the corner until he fell asleep, which sometimes took 1 1/2 hours.  We realized that not having a bedtime routine was making this more difficult.  He didn’t have time to prepare for bed, or settle down, or anything.  One minute he was playing, and the next he was being put into bed.  Once we started using a bedtime routine the amount of time it took for him to fall asleep got a lot shorter.  Once he was falling asleep in his bed we started leaving to room for very short periods of time, then for longer and longer periods of time.  Then it got to the point where we were just coming in to check on him occasionally.  At this point we still hadn’t done anything with his naps, because it was harder for him to settle down during the day because it was still light outside.  We came up with a naptime routine, but then instead of just leaving Mingli in his crib to fall asleep we gave him some books to look at.  This worked perfectly, and he laid down quietly in his bed until he fell asleep.

Now at bedtime we clean his room, have a snack, go potty, take a bath, put lotion on his, read 3 stories, say good night to, I close the blinds and he gets to turn out the lights, then he goes into bed with his pillow, blanket, puppy, bear, and sippy cup.  We leave soft music playing and he is usually asleep in 10-30 minutes.  For naptime we have lunch, clean his room, go potty, read 3 stories, then he goes to bed with his pillow, blanket, puppy, bear, sippy cup, and the 3 stories he had me read to him.  We again leave soft music playing.  It takes him a little longer to fall asleep for his nap, usually about 1/2 an hour, but he lays quietly in his room by himself looking at his books until he falls asleep.

I know there will be set backs.  He was sleeping in our bed again just last week because he was sick and having trouble sleeping, and I expect there will be nights where he wants us to stay with him until he falls asleep, or times when he has nightmares, or whatever.  But I am excited that we have gotten to the point where he has developed this skill, it makes our life so much easier.  In fact, last night after I read him his stories he ran right to his crib and tried to climb in.  He knew it was time to lay down and he actually wanted to.  He is getting so big.

Tot school!

We actually did tot school this morning!  I am super excited that we were finally able to get back to it.  Today we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  This is one of Mingli’s favorite books, so this was fun.

As we read the book we counted the foods the caterpillar was eating.  Usually Mingli always skips 1 when he is counting, but today he actually said 1!

I thought I would take a picture of a couple of our song sheets since I talked about them last time.  You can also see the props for Old McDonald, they are just different animals that we spread and Mingli gets to choose which ones we sing about.  Yes, we use an elephant, that is actually Mingli’s favorite animal noise.

I tried a counting activity that I got from here.  I even made pom pom magnets for it.  Mingli did not get it at all.  He wanted to put the magnets just all over the paper instead of where they were supposed to go.  I modeled what I wanted him to do, but when it became clear that he wasn’t interested I just let him play with the magnets.  He has never used magnets before, so honestly some exploratory play with magnets was really valuable.

I made a feed the caterpillar game like on this post.  We laid out the foods to count them, but Mingli wasn’t interested.  He just wanted to feed the caterpillar, so that is what we did.  He ended up knocking the box over and feeding the caterpillar with it laying down, and then this turned into a great problem solving activity because he wanted the food back out.  First he tried to get it out through the mouth, then he tried sticking his arm in the opening on the bottom, but his arm wasn’t long enough.  Finally he figured out how to dump them out.

Next I tried a tracing sheet from here.  Mingli has never done anything like this, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.  I printed off 2, one for me to model with and one for him.  He completely ignored the lines he was supposed to trace and just wanted to color.  I figured that might happen, and I was fine with it.  The green marker lid was really hard to him to get off.  I ended up taking it off, then putting it back on much looser so he could take it off himself.

Wow, looking back, not a thing went like I had planned.  Mingli didn’t participate in a single activity the way I had intended, but it was a great time with lots of exploratory play and valuable learning.  I’m glad that I was able to be laid back about it and just go with what Mingli wanted to do, otherwise this tot school time would have been a very frustrating experience for both of us.

My husband

Kaanas has taken this entire past week off work.  We didn’t take a vacation, we didn’t do anything special, he took it off to help me.  Every morning except one he has let me sleep in while he gets up with Mingli.  Every afternoon I have gotten to nap as long as I want.  He has changed all dirty diapers because it makes me nauseous.  He has put Mingli down for almost every nap and in bed almost every night.  He has cooked almost every meal.  He has rubbed my back when it has hurt, let me watch all of my shows to help me feel better, done anything he could to make me happy.  There have been many times this week when I have been in tears because I have been so overwhelmed with his love for me.  I am so lucky to have him.  I can’t even describe the depth of my gratitude to have a husband who is so good to me and loves me so much.  I love him with all my heart.

Starting tot school again

We haven’t been doing tot school since I found out I was pregnant because of morning sickness, but I think we are both missing it.  Mingli and I are not spending as much time together doing fun things, and I can tell it is making him sad and extra clingy, and I think it is also contributing to by depression.  My morning sickness is getting better, so I am going to try and start tot school again.  I am not going to put any pressure on myself to do it everyday (it’s not like I ever did it everyday anyways), but I am going to have several days planned out and have the supplies on hand, then on days when I am feeling up to it I will pull some stuff out and we will do it.  On days I am feeling bad we will not worry about it and I will just let him play with puzzles and do other informal learning activities.  Currently I have 4 days of activities planned out, but I need to get the supplies for them still.  I am still using a book as the theme for each day, then we do a few related activities for the book, usually 3.  Sometimes we will do activities unrelated to the book if there is one that I am wanting to do or if I am having trouble coming up with 3 activities related to the book that I think Mingli will enjoy.

I am also wanting to sing songs using the song sheets I created.  I don’t know if I posted about them or not, but I gathered several songs that we are going to be using in tot school, made a sheet with the words and some pictures representing the song, printed them, and laminated them.  During tot school we sing 3 songs.  I lay out a few sheets and let Mingli choose which one he wants.  Because they have pictures he is able to actually recognize which song he is choosing, and he is starting to develop clear favorites.  Song of the songs have little printed props that go with them.  For example, with 5 little ducks I printed and laminated a mama duck,  5 baby ducks, and some hills.  Each verse we hide one of the baby ducks behind the hills and then count how many are left.  These props are paper clipped to the back of the sheet.  Other songs we sing have actions, like Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If the song doesn’t have actions of props, like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, we use one of his rattles to make music, so all of his songs have active participation from him, even if he can’t sing them yet.

Eventually I want to add in having one activity each day that is related to a certain developmental area, and the developmental areas will rotate.  I want to do this because I have noticed that I tend to neglect certain areas in my tot school, particularly gross motor (skills that involve large muscles, such as running, throwing, jumping, etc.).  If I am rotating developmental areas I can make sure I am helping him develop in all the different areas and our tot school will be more varied.  I need to change my planning sheets to do this, though, and I have to figure out exactly how I want to do that, so I am not doing that just yet.

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