Who we are

Our Family

Earthea- me, 27

Kaanas- my husband, 25

Mingli- our son, a year and a half


My family

Roark- my brother, 25

Anais- Roark’s wife

Ebo-Roark and Anais’s son, 3 months

Cahir- my brother, 24

Myma- Cahir’s wife

Glynae- my sister, 22

Weylin- my brother, 20

Siarl- my brother, 18

Mabbina- my sister, 14

Avana- my sister, 12

Shand- my brother, 11


Kaanas’s family

Aonya- Kaanas’s sister, 24

Iwan- Kaanas’s brother, 22

Chiara- Iwan’s fiance

Ylalia- Kaanas’s sister, 20

Zia- Kaanas’s sister, 19

Jolera- Kaanas’s sister, 18

Lyrise- Kaanas’s sister, 16

Telili- Kaanas’s sister, 14

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