FHE on prayer

In our church we have been asked to set aside one night a week as a family night, we call it Family Home Evening, shortened to FHE.  Different families do different things during this time.  Often there is a lesson, sometimes an activity, sometimes a service project, often a snack.  As Mingli has been getting older Kaanas and I have decided to make FHE more of a priority, so we have started planning simple lessons to teach him.  Tonight we had FHE about prayer.  It was very, very simple.  We told him that when we prayer we are talking to Heavenly Father (who was the subject of our last FHE lesson), that we tell Heavenly Father what we are thankful for, and ask for what we need, then end the prayer in Jesus name, and say amen.  We told him that when we prayer we fold our arms and close our eyes.  That was pretty much it.  That was also as long as his attention span lasted.  Our lessons are really simple right now, but as we teach our son these things I can feel the Spirit in our home, and I hope he can as well.


FHE, about Jesus

I’ve recently realized that Mingli is old enough to start understand some of the basic things that our church teaches and that wee believe, so I have been looking for good ways to teach him at his level.  Yesterday after Kaanas got home from work we went out to Deseret Book and got Mingli a My First Book Of Mormon Stories board book.  It is really simple and meant to toddlers.  I am wanting to start reading some to him every night.  We also bought him a couple of little pictures of Jesus with children.  When we got home we had a simple family home evening lesson.  In our church we are counseled to have family home evening every Monday night.  It is a time when families can gather together and learn about the Gospel, do service, and just spend time together.  Kaanas and I have not been very good about doing this, but with Mingli getting older we thought this would be a good habit to get into and a good time to teach him about what we believe.  I showed him the pictures of Jesus one by one.  As I did Kaanas and I helped him point out Jesus and say His name.  I told him over and over, with each picture, “Jesus loves Mingli.”  He seemed to actually be getting it, and he seemed to really enjoy it.  After the lesson we took the pictures and hung them on the wall above Mingli’s crib so he can see them as he is falling asleep and when he wakes up.  We will probably repeat this lesson at some point, maybe many times, and I want to add in more about Jesus as Mingli begins to understand more.  I am really excited about how this lesson went, and especially that Mingli seemed to enjoy it.

Going to the temple

I’m a little behind in posts, so I have a few I am trying to write and post.  A lot has been going on, and I haven’t been good at writing about it.

First, Kaanas and I were finally able to go to the temple together!  For those who are not LDS, our temples are where we go to make covenants with God.  It is a very sacred place, and going is a special experience.  Because of the sacredness of what we do there you have to meet certain worthiness requirements in order to be able to go.  I have tried to go regularly, but Kaanas’s pornography addiction made it so he was not able to go to the temple.  Kaanas has now gone long enough without looking at pornography that he can attend the temple again.  On Wednesday we got a baby sitter and were able to go together for the first time in almost 2 years.  It was so wonderful.  I was so happy to finally be able to attend the temple with my husband.  We are hoping to be able to go regularly for now on, but if we can go together really depends on if we can find a babysitter that often.  Mingli seemed to like the girl we left him with, but we feel bad because we didn’t pay her (we tried to, but she said she doesn’t charge if we go to the temple and refused to take our money), so we don’t want to take advantage of her by having her spend 3 hours every week watching our son for free.  Oh well, we’ll figure it out.  Now that we are able to go together again it is going to take more than finding a baby sitter to keep us from going.

The last week

So, a few things have happened since I last posted.

On Saturday our whole family went out to get haircuts.  It has been a long time (like two years), since I got a haircut, and Kaanas was wanting to get a haircut to look good for a possible interview for a promotion that they should be doing soon, so we both made appointments at a nearby beauty school.  I found out that they also do haircuts for children Mingli’s age, and his hair is getting pretty wild lately, so I thought why not get him a haircut as well.  We scheduled it so Mingli and Kaanas got their haircuts at the same time while I sat with Mingli, then when Kaanas was done he took Mingli and I got my haircut.  I was pretty nervous about Mingli getting his haircut, but they did a great job.  One of the instructors actually did Mingli’s hair because the student had done a haircut on someone so young, but the student watched and helped out.  They were super patient and it turned out great.  They took off just enough so it looks really neat, but he still has plenty of hair.  He also looks a lot older with his hair cut.

On Sunday we got to meet our new primary class.  We got to keep one of our girls from last year who actually was not supposed to be in our class because she was a year younger than all of our students, so it was fun to get to have her again.  Then we also got four more little girls.  We are supposed to have two boys as well, but we were told that at least one of them doesn’t really come.  It is a huge change from last year.  I loved our class last year, but it was also difficult.  We had nine kids, including some very rowdy little boys.  They kept us very busy and were quite a handful.  This year our class is much quieter.  I really miss our old class, they really were some amazing kids, but I can already tell I am going to love our new little ones, and honestly it will be nice to have a little bit of an easier year.

Our church is also at a new time now.  Before it was at 11 in the morning, now it is a 1 in the afternoon.  For most people this is their least favorite time for church, but it is working well for us.  Mingli takes a nap at 12:30 everyday, so we went to church early, at about 12:15.  Kaanas went to the chapel to spend some quiet time reading scriptures while I went into the mother’s room where there is a rocking chair.  Once Mingli was pretty soundly asleep we went to the chapel to join Kaanas.  Mingli slept on the bench beside us for almost the entire sacrament meeting, waking up about 5 minutes before it was over.  This meant that Kaanas and I were able to spend the entire meeting sitting together and listening to the talks.  It was such a restful, renewing time.

Monday was Mingli’s doctor’s appointment.  He missed his 15 month appointment because we lost our insurance, so we made him his 18 month appointment for as soon as our new insurance kicked in.  Part of this appointment was discussing how to get Mingli caught up on the vaccines he missed.  I also had a couple of concerns about Mingli’s development, particularly that he doesn’t have any words that he says clearly, it is all still things like “ba” for ball.  He does have a ton of words that he says, but all of them are just the first couple of sounds.  After discussing our concerns with the doctor he doesn’t think there is anything wrong right now, but we will see how he is doing at his new appointment in 6 months.

Monday was also Mingli’s first library story time.  Normally it will be on Wednesdays, but since we had a funeral on Wednesday they let us go to the Monday one.  Actually, they said we are always welcome to come to any of them, even though we signed up for the Wednesday one, and we can even come to all of them if we want.  Mingli loved the story time.  He had trouble for the first couple of minutes, because the librarian was talking about the background knowledge needed for the stories we were going to read (stuff about sheep and their wool), and this was a little difficult for him to sit quietly through, but it was less than five minutes, then as soon as the songs, activities, and of course books were started Mingli was transfixed.  The librarian doing the story time was perfect for it.  She was not shy at all, and was loud, enthusiastic, and silly the entire time. Just perfect for keeping the attention of the toddlers in the group.  After story time was over Mingli played with some of the foam letters that had been placed on the floor.  He sorted them all by color, then helped put them and the blankets away.  I am so proud of him and the fact that he loves to help clean up.  He is only little, but he is already very helpful and developing the beginnings of responsibility.

Wednesday morning we had the funeral of one of Kaanas’s grandfathers.  He has been sick for a few years, so everyone recognized that it was better for him, which made it a little easier, even though everyone was still sad.  It was a lovely service.

Kaanas’s family came into town for the funeral and came to visit us on Thursday (Wednesday after the funeral they spent visiting other family and helping Kaanas’s grandmother).  We got to spend several hours with them, and everyone had a lot of fun.  Mingli loves all the attention he gets when family comes, and is really starting to love them, as opposed to just seeing them as the people who come and try and take him from mommy.  He is getting a lot more comfortable with strangers.  It was also really nice for Kaanas to have his family over.

Last day at church and some packing

Yesterday was our last day at our current ward in our church.  In our church you are assigned to a ward based on where you live.  We are only moving 10 minutes away, but our new apartment will be in a different ward.  We don’t know most people here very well, because we have only been here 4 months, but there were some people I was starting to become friends with.  It made me sad to say good bye to them.  We also had to say good bye to the class we teach.  Kaanas and I have been teaching a class of 3 year olds, and they are so much fun, but also crazy.  Church will be more relaxing when I can just go to adult Sunday school and relief society, but I will definitely miss our kids.

Today Kaanas is at work, so I am packing more stuff to get it ready to be taken to our apartment tonight when he gets home.  We also have someone from our ward coming and helping Kaanas move some furniture, so I am getting the furniture ready.  I want to have most of the house packed by the time Kaanas gets home, but we will see what happens.  For a while I had Mingli on the bed with toys while I packed up our bedroom, but every time he saw me he would start laughing and lunge for me.  I was getting a little frustrated, because I wanted him to stay in the middle of the bed so he was safest, but he kept trying to scoot towards me.  Then I realized how silly it was to be upset with my baby just because he loves me.  He was happy every time I would poke my head up from where I was sitting right beside the bed and just wanted to spend some time with me.  Once I realized this I decided the packing could wait until he was down for a nap, which would only be in about half an hour anyways, and I climbed up on the bed with him.  We cuddled and played with his toys, and it was totally worth the half hour of packing I missed out on.

General conference

Twice a year in my church we have what we call General conference. Over a weekend we have four two hour long broadcasts where our prophet, apostles, and other church leaders speak to the whole church. This weekend was our General conference. I love getting to spend two days listening to my church leaders. It was a wonderful experience.

Went to church

Kaanas and I have been struggling with going to church lately.  When I was pregnant most days I genuinely couldn’t, either because I was too nauseous or I was in too much pain, and Kaanas didn’t like leaving me home when I was so sick.  Now though we have gotten into a habit of not going, and it is hard.  After months of going only once or twice a month, and then usually not being able to stay for the whole thing when we did go, it now seems more acceptable to say we are too tired and will just go next week.  The thing is that it is now worse than when I was pregnant.  At least when I was pregnant we would go if there was any possible way, and then not leave until I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore.  Kaanas and I have talked about it and we decided that we really need to be going unless we really cannot.  So today even though we were really tired getting up, and had to be late because as we were walking out the door Mingli threw up and needed to be cleaned up and changed, we went and stayed for the whole thing.  It felt really nice to be there, it always does.