Bucket list

A couple of years ago I decided to make a list of things to do before I died.  I then found out that there is a name for that, it is called a bucket list.  So here is mine, though I am always adding to it whenever I come of with new ideas.

    1. Get married
    2. Become a mom
    3. Visit every continent
    4. Visit every state
    5. Fly first class
    6. Become fluent in Russian
    7. Adopt a little girl from Russia
    8. Read Anna Karenina in Russian
    9. Attend a temple dedication
    10. Have a butterfly garden
    11. Go on a road trip starting in Palmyra, NY and visit all the church history sites
    12. See an alligator in the wild
    13. Go scuba diving
    14. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
    15. Go to a ball
    16. Go on a sleigh ride
    17. Go dog sledding
    18. Go on a pioneer trek
    19. Pet a tiger
    20. Buy a house
    21. Go swimming with dolphins
    22. Learn to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise
    23. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
    24. See a Shakespeare play
    25. Go to a ballet
    26. Go to a Renaissance Fair
    27. Save a life
    28. Go hang gliding
    29. Go para-sailing
    30. See a kinkajoo
    31. Drive a motorcycle
    32. See the aurora borealis
    33. Try sushi
    34. Read the entire Journal of Discourse
    35. Watch an eclispe
    36. See the ball drop
    37. Sleep under the stars
    38. Have a Harry Potter Marathon and watch all 8 movies
    39. Hold a tarantula

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