Making new habits

I have tried many times to develop good routines that I can use to keep my home clean and get the things done during the day that I need and want to.  I sit down, write out my ideal routine, then try and follow it.  It has never worked so far.  Recently I was reading FlyLady and what she was saying really hit me.  I don’t actually want to follow her method.  I don’t typically do well with a method or program that someone else sets out for me, I feel trapped with it.  I always need to come up with my own thing to do.  But one thing she was saying I feel is exactly what I need.  When you first start her method you are supposed to use the baby steps, and during the first month you slowly build up habits and routines by adding one new thing every day or two.  I realized this is what I need to do.  So I wrote out a new schedule.  It goes like this:

8 am – breakfast

10 am – snack

12 pm – lunch

3 pm – snack

5 pm – dinner

7:30 pm – snack

8 pm – bedtime

All of these times are approximate, give or take about half an hour.  I am also working on figuring out a good nap schedule for Iella.  I want it to be based on her natural sleep schedule, so over the next week I am writing down when she wakes up and when she takes naps, then when she goes to bed.  I am going to try and take what she is already doing and nudge it into a more consistent schedule, again give or take about half an hour.  Nap times and meal times will be the bare bones of my schedule, and I am going to start adding in other things slowly.  First I am going to work on reading scriptures every morning and making sure all the dishes are done before going to bed at night.  I will do these things every day.  That is not to say these are the only things I will do every day, but I will not be hard on myself for anything else that I do not get done.  These are the things I am working on.  Also, if I slip up and miss some days I am realizing it does not mean that I have failed and should stop trying.  I am developing new habits and that will take time.  If I fall down I will get right back up and keep going.  Hopefully this will help.


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