Living in our new place

So we have been living in our new apartment for a week now.  I was wanting to get it all set up before moving in, but I gave up on that pretty quickly.  My parents were willing to let us stay with them for longer, but it was getting annoying.  There were a lot of reasons.  I didn’t like having to keep going back and forth.  I wanted to be just my family again.  I wanted to be able to spread out instead of having all four of us stuck in one room.  And I hate being in between.  It is a lot more difficult getting things put together now that we are living here.  Before I would come over, get some stuff done, then go back.  While I was here I was just focused on getting the apartment unpacked and sorted.  Now there is food to cook, dishes to do, cleaning, and all the normal life stuff.  I am loving having my own place, though, even if it is hard still not having everything unpacked and put together.  I feel so much more relaxed, and when Kaanas is home and it is just the four of us it is really wonderful.


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