Therapy evaluation

I have been concerned about Mingli for a long time now, since before he turned a year old.  He just didn’t seem to be meeting his speech milestones.  I tried to do what I knew how to at home, because I learned some very basic speech techniques in my special education classes, but it was just a couple of basic things that were touched on, and the things I knew weren’t helping.  At his 18 month appointment I mentioned it to his doctor but when they did the screener he was in the range that they said we should monitor it but not low enough that they thought we should get him therapy.  At his last appointment our doctor agreed that we should get him tested.

A couple of weeks ago two therapists came to do an evaluation on him.  It was a little strange because I have done unofficial evaluations with children before at school, but it is so different as a parent.  It was actually kind of hard watching them try to get him to do things that I knew he couldn’t do.  He scored lower than I thought he would, but they are going to get him therapy.  Starting in January he is going to have weekly speech therapy.  We are not sure how long it will last, it may just be a couple months, it may extend longer.  We will just have to see how it goes.


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