Yarn Winder

Kaanas let me pick out my mother’s day gift this year, so I chose a yarn winder.  I have so many balls of yarn that are all tangled and the balls are falling apart.  I also prefer center pull balls of yarn, but not all of my yarn comes like that.  The yarn winder quickly rolls all of my yarn into center pull balls.  I have been doing this manually using a paper towel roll, but that takes forever and is very tedious, so I have been wanting a yarn winder for several months.  Today my yarn winder came in the mail, so I have been using it on some of the yarn that is a mess, and I love it.  Depending on how tangled the yarn is it only takes 5-10 minutes to wind it, as opposed to the hour or more it would take me with the paper towel roll.  I am so glad I got finally got my yarn winder and can now work on cleaning up my supply of yarn.


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