I wrote about how things were changing in our life, but I didn’t realize how much things were going to be changing.  I told my mom that Kaanas was going to quit Walmart and we were going to find something else, and she said that they have an extra room, we could come down there.  She has suggested this many, many times, and Kaanas has always immediately said no, so I didn’t think much about it, but said that I would ask Kaanas, like I always say.  Well, when I asked Kaanas, instead of saying no, he said, “that might be a good idea.”  I was a bit shocked, but then we actually began talking about the pros and cons.  We wouldn’t have our own place anymore, which we aren’t thrilled about, my the upside to us not having our own place is that I would have all the help I need throughout the rest of my pregnancy, without having to feel guilty about people coming in and cleaning my apartment and watching my son.  Mingli would have lots more people to play with him and read him stories and take him outside, stuff that I have been having a lot of trouble with and so he has been missing out on.  My parents also wouldn’t charge us anything, so we would have no rent, no utilities bill, no internet bill, and my parents would probably pay for a lot of the food, although we are definitely going to help with that.  All the money that we are not putting into those things can be going towards paying off debt and getting a bit of a savings.  Also, in order to be paying off debt and saving Kaanas won’t have to work quite so much, which means he can try and get ahead in his school work, something that has been suffering with all the hours he has been working.  Kaanas may still decide to get a full time job to pay off debt faster, but even working 4o hours a week will be less hours that what he is  currently working and mean more time that he can work on school work.  If he only works 30 hours a week we will still have extra for paying off debt and he will have an extra 10 hours a week for school work (his school is a work at your own pace thing, so if he is able to put in extra hours each week it means he can graduate sooner).  We don’t plan on doing this for too long, we do want to be on our own again, but my parents will be moving soon, anyways.  My dad builds power plants, so they are never in one place for too long.  The one he is working on right now is supposed to be done in December, but they are a bit behind schedule, so it may be longer.  Honestly, it would be kind of nice if it was a couple of more months, because our baby is due the beginning of November, so by December I don’t know if I will be completely recovered, and of course there is Christmas, but we can make it work either way.  We probably won’t be staying out in Indiana, not unless things are going really well down there with Kaanas’s job, that is a decision we can make later.


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