Starting tot school again

We haven’t been doing tot school since I found out I was pregnant because of morning sickness, but I think we are both missing it.  Mingli and I are not spending as much time together doing fun things, and I can tell it is making him sad and extra clingy, and I think it is also contributing to by depression.  My morning sickness is getting better, so I am going to try and start tot school again.  I am not going to put any pressure on myself to do it everyday (it’s not like I ever did it everyday anyways), but I am going to have several days planned out and have the supplies on hand, then on days when I am feeling up to it I will pull some stuff out and we will do it.  On days I am feeling bad we will not worry about it and I will just let him play with puzzles and do other informal learning activities.  Currently I have 4 days of activities planned out, but I need to get the supplies for them still.  I am still using a book as the theme for each day, then we do a few related activities for the book, usually 3.  Sometimes we will do activities unrelated to the book if there is one that I am wanting to do or if I am having trouble coming up with 3 activities related to the book that I think Mingli will enjoy.

I am also wanting to sing songs using the song sheets I created.  I don’t know if I posted about them or not, but I gathered several songs that we are going to be using in tot school, made a sheet with the words and some pictures representing the song, printed them, and laminated them.  During tot school we sing 3 songs.  I lay out a few sheets and let Mingli choose which one he wants.  Because they have pictures he is able to actually recognize which song he is choosing, and he is starting to develop clear favorites.  Song of the songs have little printed props that go with them.  For example, with 5 little ducks I printed and laminated a mama duck,  5 baby ducks, and some hills.  Each verse we hide one of the baby ducks behind the hills and then count how many are left.  These props are paper clipped to the back of the sheet.  Other songs we sing have actions, like Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If the song doesn’t have actions of props, like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, we use one of his rattles to make music, so all of his songs have active participation from him, even if he can’t sing them yet.

Eventually I want to add in having one activity each day that is related to a certain developmental area, and the developmental areas will rotate.  I want to do this because I have noticed that I tend to neglect certain areas in my tot school, particularly gross motor (skills that involve large muscles, such as running, throwing, jumping, etc.).  If I am rotating developmental areas I can make sure I am helping him develop in all the different areas and our tot school will be more varied.  I need to change my planning sheets to do this, though, and I have to figure out exactly how I want to do that, so I am not doing that just yet.


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