Potty training

A little while ago I begun some really laid back potty training with Mingli.  He was waking up dry from hit naps, so I bought a comfortable seat adapter for our toilet (I find the little ones that you have to clean out gross) and after his nap he would sit on it either until he went or until he decided he was tired of sitting there.  I never wanted it to be something that he hated, so we sung songs, and I never forced him to sit there.  I figured he was going to take quite a while, and I didn’t want to pressure him at all because he is still so young, but even if he is only using the potty sometimes it will still save money on diapers, which is really nice since we are going to have another baby to be buying diapers for.soon.  I stopped doing it with everything that has been going on lately, but I think it is time to get back to it, and maybe get more serious about it.  Lately he has decided that he thinks it is funny to wet on us while we are changing his diaper, and it is very clear that he is doing it on purpose.  If he has control over himself like that then he is physically ready to be potty trained.  I still don’t want to put pressure on him, that is not going to help anything and will just create stress for both of us, but I am going to start asking him if he wants to go potty more often than twice a day.  I still expect it to take a while, but we will see how it goes.


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