Big news and some updates

So, a lot has been going on the last little bit, but the biggest thing is Mingli’s new shirt.

Soon to be a big brother.

That’s right, we’re having another baby!  We have been trying for a while now and are super excited.  Right now I am 10, almost 11 week, so getting close to the second trimester.  I am due on Nov. 3rd.  It has been pretty difficult.  Depression hits me hard while I am pregnant.  I know for many people their depression goes away when they get pregnant, the hormones actually help them, but for me depression gets so much worse.  It has been a struggle the past few weeks.  Physically this pregnancy is much easier than it was with Mingli.  I am actually getting all the nausea medication that I need, and the morning sickness seems like it is already starting to get better, but emotionally this pregnancy is so much more difficult.  For the first 6 weeks after I found out I was pregnant I wasn’t able to go to counseling because of a mix up, but it has been sorted out now so I have finally been able to go back this week, and that is making it better.  The women in my church are also really supporting me.  My Relief Society president (the person in charge of our church women’s group) was over here this week to find out what they can do to help.  She is organizing people to help with cleaning and cooking as needed (usually Kaanas would be able to help more with this, but right now work is crazy.  He is working at least 60 hours a week, and he is also in his last month of his college semester, so he doesn’t have much time.  He still cooks dinner every night and gets Mingli to sleep, though), and also introducing me to people I can hang out with during the day.  My visiting teacher (in my church each of the women has two different women assigned to visit them and help with their needs, each woman is also assigned to visit other sisters and help with their needs.  The women assigned to help you are your visiting teachers) has offered to take Mingli whenever I need so I can take naps or do anything else.  I am trying hard not to take advantage of everyone’s kindness, I am well aware that others cannot clean my house, cook me food, and watch my son every day for the rest of the pregnancy.  They all have their own lives and things to take care of, but knowing that there are others willing to help, and I can get that help on my really hard days, has helped a lot.  For the first time in 5 weeks I actually feel like I am going to be able to make it through this pregnancy.

This is also my first week back at work, and knowing I was going to have to go back to work has made things even more stressful.  We didn’t want me to have to go back, at least not for a while longer, but our car started having problems and we had to take it in to get it fixed.  They didn’t fix it, but they did charge us everything we had left in our savings.  Since our savings was what we were using to let me take a leave of absence from work I had to go back.  Last night was my first night back.  It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I am past the worst of my morning sickness, and they gave me a stool and put me on self-checkout, so I was able to sit until a customer needed help.  I only had one really nauseous moment, and that was my fault because I spent too long standing up talking to a co-worker, but I really wanted to tell her about my baby.  That was the really fun part about work, getting to tell everyone that I am having a baby and showing them my ultrasound picture.  I know that to everyone else my ultrasound picture is just a gray blob, but to me it is my baby, and I love showing it off.

We are hoping Kaanas gets promoted soon.  Walmart has started doing hiring for assistant managers every 3 months, and they just did hiring last week.  Kaanas did not get it this time, but after they had done the hiring some of the people who did it came and talked to him.  They told him to make sure he applies next time, because they have been watching him and they want to get him in next time.  So hopefully Kaanas can get to an assistant manager in 3 months, then I won’t have to work and things will get easier.


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