Mingli’s fear

For Valentine’s Day we decided to get Mingli a new puzzle (I didn’t even know people got kids presents on Valentine’s Day, my parents just got us little things of chocolate, but I have been wanting to get Mingli a new puzzle for several weeks now, so when Kaanas started talking about getting Mingli a present it seemed like the perfect time).  We choose a vehicle one that makes sounds when you put the  pieces in.  Mingli loves cars, so I thought this would be perfect, but Mingli is scared of it.  If I had thought about it a little bit more, I would have realized that it wasn’t a good idea.  You see, we live near a fire station, and the fire trucks scare Mingli.  Whenever he hears one he runs to me crying/screaming.  I have tried showing him out the window what is making the sound, and acting excited to see the fire truck, and talking to him about how cool it is, and that seems to help a little, but he still needs me every time the fire trucks go by.  I didn’t think about it, but the puzzle we got him has a fire truck on it.  He put in that piece, it made a siren sound, and he started crying.  Now he won’t do the puzzle, he just sits there and points to the fire truck and babbles about it in an upset voice.  I have been working on it with him, showing him that the other pieces don’t make scary noises, they make fun car noises, and also holding him while putting the fire truck piece in to show him it is ok (I do this one carefully, letting him know what I am going to do, with both words and gestures, and only doing it if he doesn’t seem too upset, since I don’t want to scare him further).  I am hoping that he will eventually decide that this puzzle is fun to play with, but if not we will probably give it to some other little boy, most likely Mingli’s little cousin.


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