What a morning

Mingli has been having quite a day today.  He has been fussing and grumpy pretty much all morning.  I tried a bunch of things to try and help him feel better.  I gave him pretzels and he dumped them on the ground (then cried when he couldn’t have more), yogurt he ate a few bites then handed me the bowl (and cried when I put it in the sink), tot school he did a little, but he kept throwing things (then crying when the activity he didn’t want to do ended), he dumped his chocolate milk on the ground (and, surprise, cried when he couldn’t have it anymore), he cried when I started calling grandma (then of course cried when I hung up).  He didn’t want to play with his favorite toys.  He cried when I picked him up to hold him, and cried when I put him down.  He wouldn’t watch Little Einsteins.  By about 10:30 I was ready to start crying as well.  So I did think only think I could think of left to do.  I decided we were going to the park and we were not coming back until it was nap time.  I was so grateful that the weather was nice.  The sun was out, it felt nice with just a light jacket, and it wasn’t too windy.  At the park the crying stopped, finally.  Mingli ran around, played with the other toddler who was there also, went down the slide, and sat and played in the wood chips.  The only crying was when I wouldn’t let him run into the road to look at the cars.  Some of the time Mingli played independently while I sat nearby reading a book, and some of the time we played together.  I pushed him on the swings while he laughed, then we made the swings into a counting game.  I pulled the swing up and forwards, held it there, then counted 1…2…3! and let it go.  Mingli loved this and started counting with me.  We also talked about the trees, the grass, and the sticks.  We found big sticks and little sticks.  Then daddy got off work for lunch and brought us food and we had a picnic (he wanted to come back home, but I told him I was not coming back home until naptime, period).  When lunch was over we came back, after almost 2 hours at the park.  Kaanas picked Mingli up and took him to the rocking chair, and within a minute he was asleep, so the park must have really tired him out.  After we got to the park it really was a fun morning, but before that I thought I would go crazy.  I am hoping when he wakes up he is in a better mood.  If not we may head back to the park.


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