Mommy brag

So, I just have to brag about my little boy for few minutes.  Today when I picked him up from his nursery they asked me if he ever cried, and told me about how wonderful he always is in class, and how he goes around giving all the kids in class toys.  He is only 19 months, but he is already a fantastic sharer, and I don’t even know how that happened, because it is never something we have actually worked on at home.  We have never needed to, it just seems to come naturally to him.  He is the happiest, most affectionate little boy.  He is also so smart, and figures out so many things.  None of this is because of anything I can think of that I have done, he is just naturally wonderful.  I don’t know how I got lucky enough to be his mom, but he is definitely one of my biggest blessings.  I am thankful every day for him.


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