Tot school, week 2

We took a little break from tot school because we had a lot going on, including a funeral and me being sick.  Towards the end of this week we got back into it, and I am glad we have.  On Thursday it snowed, so I decided to do that snow day I had planned that I never got to do.  I bundled Mingli up and took him out to play in the snow.  I also brought cups of blue and red water and a paintbrush to paint the snow.  Painting the snow did not go quite as I thought it would.  Mingli enjoyed it, which was good, but it was hard to see the colors.  Mingli did love playing in the snow.  I threw a snowball at his coat and he thought it was so funny.  I tried to get him to throw one at me, but when I gave it to him he threw it at himself.  After that he kept picking up snow and throwing it at himself.  I guess whatever makes him happy.  He also had fun trying to walk through the snow, which was difficult and he kept falling, but he started getting better.  When his mittens were soaked and I was afraid his hands were going to get too cold we came inside, but we brought some snow with us and put it in a mixing bowl.  We played with it in the kitchen as it melted.  Every once in a while I would ask Mingli “where’s the snow?”  He would then pick up a chunk of snow and hand it to me.  Soon the chunks of snow started getting smaller and smaller as there was more and more water.  Finally, when every bit of snow had melted, I asked Mingli where the snow was.  I wish I had recorded his reaction.  He went to pick up a chunk of snow, then stopped, looking really confused.  He looked in the bowl for quite a while, then looked on the floor around the bowl.  I told him that the snow was all gone, it had turned into water.  I know he didn’t quite get it, but the point was to just get him to notice that something had happened, to introduce him to a concept that we will cover much later.  I then had an activity where Mingli was supposed to use tongs to put cotton balls in an ice tray.  Mingli didn’t get the tongs at all and couldn’t figure out how to make them work, so he quickly abandon then, but he enjoyed just putting the cotton balls in the ice tray.  Some of the skills we worked on were art, gross motor, science, language, fine motor, and cognitive skills.

Friday Kaanas was home, so we hung out with daddy and go some of the things done that are easier to do with Kaanas home.  Next week I hope to do more with tot school, but part of the beauty of it, at least for me, is that it is more relaxed.  It is supposed to be a fun time for Mingli and I, so if it is causing me stress we skip it that morning, because I want to be calm and relaxed as I interact with my son.


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