Adventure last night

Last night Kaanas and I decided to go out walking.  We bundled Mingli up and put him in his stroller, then we left.  We went quite a ways, about a mile, and were just turning around when I sprained my ankle.  It was the worst possible time to sprain it because we were so far from home.  I tried to keep walking, holding onto Kaanas for support and walking slowly, but I could tell I wasn’t going to make it home.  Luckily we were along the main road.  I went into a CVS Pharmacy that we were next to and explained the situation.  They were so nice.  They brought me a stool and let me and Mingli wait there while Kaanas ran home to get the car and pick us up.  This morning my ankle is feeling a lot better.  I have had trouble with this ankle for a while.  About six years ago I sprained it really badly playing sports and had to be in physical therapy.  It took months to heal.  Now it gets reinjured really easily, which means I know exactly what to do and have stuff at home to deal with it.  After a night of staying off of it, elevating it, putting ice on it, wrapping it in my handy ankle wrap, and taking ibuprofen the swelling has gone down a lot and I am able to walk on it a bit.  I am still keeping it wrapped because it isn’t all the way better, and I am trying to stay off of it as much as I can with an active toddler that I have to chase around, but it looks like I won’t need my walking boot like I sometimes do.  I am so grateful for the nice manager at the CVS who let me stay and even helped entertain my son, and I am especially grateful for a husband who takes care of me and not only got the car to pick me up, but also kept getting things for me last night so I didn’t have to me on my ankle as much.


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