Sleeping in his room

Last night, for the first time ever, Mingli slept in his own bed, in his own room, by himself, all night.  Up until a few months ago Mingli slept with us in our bed every night.  This was super convenient when Mingli was little and nursing at night, and we both loved the cuddle time.  Kaanas was fine with it, though he didn’t love it like I did, but eventually Kaanas wanted our bed, and our room, back, and I started to agree.  It has taken a while to get it done, because I don’t like just laying him down and letting him cry all alone, so for the past for months we have been taking baby steps.  First Mingli slept in his own crib, which was right beside our bed, but we took off one of the sides.  Usually sometime during the night Mingli would crawl over and cuddle with me, and I would let him for a little while, then I would put him back in his crib.  Then we put the side up on his crib.  The first night we did this Mingli woke up screaming when he realized he couldn’t get over to us.  It took 2 hours of singing, patting him on the back, holding his hand, and giving him hugs through the crib before he went back to sleep.  The next night it wasn’t so bad, and he soon learned that even though he couldn’t get into our bed, mommy and daddy were still there.  Soon after that we also started laying him down in his crib when he was awake at night and letting him fall asleep in his crib.  This was also hard at first, but soon we learned that hugs made it better.  As Mingli is falling asleep, any time he gets upset he can stand up, come to the side of his crib, and ask for hugs.  I give him a hug over the side without taking him out of the crib (I sit in his room the entire time he is falling asleep so he is not alone), and then he lays back down.  This will usually happen several time as he is falling asleep, but it helps him feel safe and relaxed, and when he is allowed to get hugs he falls asleep without crying.  Hugs also works at night when he wakes up upset.  Then last week Kaanas had to work nights.  Mingli had been sleeping all night in his crib beside our bed for a few weeks, so I decided it was the perfect time to move him to his own room.  Since Kaanas was working night shift I blew up an air mattress and slept in Mingli’s room with him.  The first night was hard, but after that Mingli did great.  Last night Kaanas was finally off and able to sleep at home, so I slept in our room with him.  I was nervous, because Mingli was going to be in his room alone all night, but he did great.  He slept all night, only waking up at 6 in the morning when he was ready to get up for the day.  And now Kaanas and I have our room back.


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