Pretend play

Mingli has started doing pretend play, and it is so much fun to watch and play with him.  For Christmas we got him a dinosaur play set that comes with plants, a slide, a mountain with a tunnel, a little pound, and of course four dinosaurs.  Mingli and I have spent some time playing with it together, and after some modeling from me Mingli now makes his dinosaurs eat, drink, go down the slide, play peek-a-boo in the tunnel, and hug each other.  At first he thought it was hilarious.  He gave me such a funny look when I told him the dinosaur was hungry and made it eat the plants.  He understood what I was saying when I told him that the dinosaur was hungry, and he also knew that the dinosaur didn’t eat.  He laughed the first time he did it, but now he really enjoys it.  I am so excited about this, because I know that pretend play is a huge developmental milestone.  I am also glad that the toys we got him for Christmas are encouraging his development and challenging him like I was hoping they would.


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