First dentist appointment

Mingli had his first dentist appointment today.  I was a little nervous about how he would do, because he fights so hard when I try and brush his teeth, but he did really well.  His dentist was super nice and took a bit of time to talk to Mingli and help him feel comfortable.  Mingli was also really co-operative and let the dentist look at his teeth, brush them, and put fluoride on them without putting up any kind of fight.  We talked about the concerns I had, that Mingli’s got a couple of molars in but doesn’t have the teeth I thought were supposed to come in before the molars (he said it happens in some children), and that Mingli grinds his teeth (apparently not a problem until Mingli starts getting adult teeth).  He said Mingli’s teeth look really healthy, and he made me feel like a great mom, which is always nice.  After they let Mingli pick out two prizes, and of course he got rubber duckies, because he loves taking baths.


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