Deep freeze

When Kaanas got home tonight we got ready and went out.  The plan was to go grocery shopping, since I managed to get out meal plan finished.  We also needed to pick up a deep freeze.  My mom decided that our Christmas present this year was going to be a deep freeze, but was waiting to get it for us until we could move the desk out of the kitchen so we had a space for it.  Last night at work I saw some deep freezes on sale at my work that were bigger and cheaper than the one that my mom was going to get.  They had dents in them, but it didn’t look like it was going to affect the functioning of the deep freeze.  So I called my mom and she said to go ahead and pick it up and she would get us the money.  I am so excited about this.  Our freezer is constantly overflowing because I like buying large amounts of meat when it is cheap and then saving it.  I also want to make some meals and then freeze them for nights when I don’t feel like cooking, but I have never had enough room.  Now I will, so I am pretty excited.  We never did end of going grocery shopping, though.


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