Rocking horse

Kaanas and I bought Mingli a Christmas present. We weren’t meaning to, but we had a couple of things that we needed to get and decided that we would stop by a thrift store first to see if we could get them for cheap. We did find one of the things we were looking for, but right next to it was a small rocking horse, the kind on little wooden rockers. I kind of fell in love with it, and so Kaanas decided to get it. I was hesitant, because it is going to be a little while before Mingli can actually use it, but Kaanas said it would be a great Christmas present. Now I just keep picturing Mingli coming into the living room Christmas morning, not even realizing that anything is different, and then there is this rocking horse sitting there. I am so excited about it. We have a storage shed, so the rocking horse will go there until Christmas. I hope he actually likes it, but I think most children like rocking horses, and Minli will be 18 months at Christmas, so that should be a good age.


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