Visiting family

Last week we went to visit Kaanas’s family.  We had planned on leaving Tuesday after Kaanas got off work and coming home Sunday, but because of the miscarriage we had to change our plans.  Tuesday morning I felt awful, but in the afternoon I started feeling a lot better physically, so we decided that instead of cancelling our vacation we would just postpone it until Thursday, as long as I was feeling ok on Thursday.  That gave me some time to rest and recover a little before we left.

On Thursday I was feeling fine physically, and a little better emotionally, so we went ahead and left.  It was a good trip, and I am glad we went.  Kaanas’s family loved seeing Mingli, and as long as I was very close by Mingli enjoyed playing with his aunts, uncle, grandparents, and great-grandpa.  Mingli also had a lot of fun with the fact that Kaanas’s parents have a dog and two cats.  I was worried, but the dog was great.  The only time there was a slight problem was because Mingli had finished eating his pancakes and was having fun feeding them to the dog, who had sat very patiently and waited for Mingli to be finished and had never once tried to take them off his highchair.  At one point the dog accidentally got Mingli’s hand.  The dog was being careful and very gentle, but it scared Mingli and he started crying.

We spend some time at Kaanas’s grandpa’s house and he got to meet Mingli.  While we were there Kaanas helped him till his garden.  I love that Kaanas is so willing to help, even though I feel like sometimes his family asks to much of him.

We ended up having to come back Saturday instead of Sunday because we were asked to give a talk in church, but I will write about that in another post.


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