Big news

We are having another baby!

Last week I was feeling kind of funny.  Emotional, my appetite was funny, I was exhausted all the time, and a couple of other little things.  Thursday I decided that I wanted to take a pregnancy test, but I didn’t honestly think it would be positive, so I just got one from the dollar store because it was cheap and took it.  For those of you who do not know how a pregnancy test works there are two lines that can show up (at least on the ones I take), the first one if the control like and it just shows that the test is working, then if the second line shows up it means you are pregnant.  The control line showed up right away.  I waited about a minute, and then looked back and it, and there was this very faint second line.  I immediately called Kaanas in and asked him if he saw a second line there, because it was so faint I thought my eyes might be playing tricks on me.  He said he did see the second line, and over the next few minutes it kept getting more obvious until at the 10 minute mark (you have to read the results between 2-10 minutes after you take the test or it might not be accurate) the line was definitely there.  I was ecstatic.  I kept thinking of Mingli being a big brother, and how much we were going to love this new little baby.

I know a lot of people say to wait until you are 12 weeks pregnant to start telling people, but I can never do that, so about half an hour after we found out we started calling people.  After we had called a couple of people I started getting nervous because I had bought the pregnancy test for $1, what if it wasn’t a very good one and I wasn’t really pregnant, so I ran down to the grocery store and bought another one (I know, kind of silly, but I needed to so I could feel calm).  When it also came back positive I finished calling everyone.

Later that night it started to really sink in that I was pregnant, and what that meant.  My pregnancy with Mingli was really difficult.  I had to get IV fluids because I was throwing up multiple times a day for months, pulled a muscle in my abdomen, and started having contraction 3 minutes apart at 32 weeks, which then continued off and on all the way up until Mingli was born at 38 weeks.  I hate being pregnant, and now I am committed to it for the next 8 months or so.  I am so excited about this baby, and the baby is worth the pregnancy, but I still hate being pregnant, and wish I didn’t have to be in order to have a baby.

Anyways, so we are excited.  According to an internet due date calculator I am due December 23rd.  When I get an ultrasound done that due date might change, it did with Mingli, but we should have a baby sometime around the end of the year.


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