It has been a while since I have written.  Quite a bit has happened, and instead of making separate posts I decided to put it all in one post.

Kaanas’s parents came and visited us over the weekend.  They had a lot of family to see while they were down here, and only a limited amount of time before they had to go back, but we got to spend some times with them.  We are planning a trip to see them soon, then we will get to spend more time with them.

We have been trying to get Mingli to fall asleep without nursing and sleep in his own bed.  Up until now he has always nursed to sleep and slept in bed with us, but we have decided that it is time to start transitioning him away from that.  We wanted to do it gently, with no crying, but we have discovered that isn’t going to happen.  Now we go through the bedtime routine like normal.  Mingli helps pick up his toys (I hand him a toy while he is sitting next to his basket and he watches while I put toys away, then puts the toy in his hand in the basket, then I hand him another.  He will usually put 1-3 toys away each night, which is a start), then he takes a bath, I give him a massage, put on his P.J.s, then Kaanas reads him a story.  Next is nursing, and this is where we have changed the routine.  I used to turn out the lights and have everything quite so he could go to sleep.  Now I keep the lights on and interact with him (playing peek-a-boo, pretending to eat his hand).  I try and balance keeping him relaxed with not letting him go to sleep.  When he doesn’t seem to be hungry anymore (unlatching himself multiple times to play with me, not nursing even when he is latched on) I give him to Kaanas then leave the room (if I stay he screams harder and wants me).  This is usually where Mingli starts crying.  The first night it was pretty awful, but since then it has gotten better.  I hate him crying, but at the same time I know this is different than leaving him in his crib to cry.  Kaanas holds him, rocks him, sings, strokes his face, and pats his back until he falls asleep.  The entire time he is in the arms of someone who loves him and who he loves, and who is actively trying to comfort him.  After he goes to sleep he is laid down in his bed, where he spends about half the night before coming into our bed when he wakes up to nurse.

Mingli now gets really excited when Kaanas gets home from work.  Yesterday we were sitting on the floor and Kaanas walked in the door.  Mingli climbed out of my lap and tried to follow Kaanas into the kitchen.  As soon as Kaanas realized Mingli was following him he sat down and let Mingli climb all over him.  They played together for a while and every few minutes Mingli would look at me with a look of pure joy, like he was trying to tell me how amazing it was that daddy was home.  Seeing them together makes me realize how blessed I am to have such a wonderful life and family.  Nothing makes me happier than having my husband and son with me.  Sometimes I am amazed at how wonderful my life is.

Well, that is what has been happening here.



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