Learning to crawl

Mingli has been scooting for a while now and is really good at it.  He can get anywhere he wants pretty fast, and can even get himself onto the mattress that we currently have on the floor of our bedroom, but he doesn’t crawl.  I was pretty sure he was never going  crawl, that he was going to go straight from scooting to walking, but in the past few days he is finally learning.  It all began with bubble baths.  When we started getting ready to move I stopped giving Mingli baths.  Whenever I take a shower Mingli sits on at my feet and plays with his toys, so he gets clean that way, and I was busy with packing and unpacking, so I stopped giving him baths.  Last week I decided that since things have settled down again I would put bath time back into Mingli’s bedtime routine.  He loves baths and will splash in the tub as long as I let him, so we have started doing baths again.  The first time he was so excited, and then his bath toys floated away from him.  Before I could push them back towards him he had gotten himself onto his tummy and was going after them.  This was ok because the water wasn’t high enough to go over his mouth and nose, but then he got into a patch of bubbles that was higher.  I immediately saw him start panicking as the bubbles made it hard for him to breathe and came to his rescue, sitting him up and wiping the bubbles from his face.  He still wanted to be able to move around the bathtub, though.  He quickly realized that if he was on his hands and knees the bubbles wouldn’t get in his face.  Now he crawls in the bathtub, and sometimes when he is outside of the bathtub.  He still mostly scoots, he can get around better scooting than crawling, but he is learning.


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