Easter surprise

Kaanas was working this morning, so we didn’t get to see him before we left for church.  I was hoping that he would be home, because he went into work at 10 pm last night, but by the time I left for church at 11 am he still wasn’t home (that is 13 hours at work).  I was kind of disappointed, because I wanted to do Easter with Kaanas and give Mingli the little stuffed bunny we had bought him, but I decided to wait until I could do it with Kaanas (since Mingli is so young I did not plan a lot for Easter).  Kaanas texted me partway through church asking when I was coming home because he was waiting for us so that he could go to sleep, so we had him pick us up early.  When we got home there was an Easter basket on the couch for all three of us, and Kaanas had hidden plastic eggs around the apartment.  We got some pictures of Mingli with his basket, then Kaanas took  video of me helping Mingli find the eggs that had been hidden (really I found them and then gave them to Mingli and he had fun shaking them).  After that I quickly got our Easter dinner put together so we could have it before Kaanas went to sleep.  My family has a tradition that for Easter dinner we eat foods mentioned in the New Testament in connection with Christ, such as fish, bread, olives, etc.  This is one of the ways that we try and remember Christ on Easter.  I love this tradition, so Kaanas agreed that we could continue it.  After we ate dinner we had some of the candy.  Mingli has recently been introduced to chocolate, so he was thrilled to be given a small piece of his chocolate bunny.  It was kind of a thrown together Easter, but it was amazing.  It really touched me that Kaanas surprised me with Easter baskets and an egg hunt.  I know that is not what Easter is really about, but I love big holidays, and Kaanas knows this about me.  Kaanas has been stressed about money recently, so I wasn’t going to do a big thing for Easter, just Mingli’s little stuffed bunny and our dinner, but Kaanas knew the baskets and egg hunt would make me happy, so he did it.  I am so lucky to have him.


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