Mingli has started having temper tantrums lately.  Often these tantrums are because he wants to hold onto my fingers and walk all over the apartment and I can only do that for so long before my back starts to hurt from bending over.  When I can’t walk with him anymore I pick him up and try and play with him, but he will scream and cry for several minutes and refuse to be distracted.  Also if I am helping him walk but not letting him so where he wants, such as into the bathroom.  Sometimes he just walks around making angry noises.  The other day we were in the doctor’s office and while waiting for the doctor Mingli was playing with a little puzzle.  At first he was just holding a piece and waving it around, but then he started trying to suck on it.  It was a puzzle from the doctor’s office and I didn’t know who had touched it, especially since sick kids come to doctor’s offices, and I didn’t know how often it was sanitized, so I didn’t want Mingli sucking on it.  I moved it away from his mouth and said “no.”  We repeated this a few times, and then Mingli started screaming and threw the puzzle piece.  He is starting to really know what he wants, and he gets made when he cannot have it.


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