My new steam mop

Kaanas and I decided to buy a steam mop the other day.  We have been wanting one for a while, especially since I hate regular mops.  I don’t know why, but using traditional mops just drives me crazy.  I can use a Swiffer mop and I don’t mind that, but I would rather use a rag to hand mop the floor than use a regular mop.  This meant that Kaanas often did the mopping because he thought it was silly that I would hand mop the floor when we had a perfectly good mop that I could have used.  Since I am fine using a Swiffer, we thought I might like a steam mop.  I have been reluctant to get one because it is a lot of money, but Kaanas finally convinced me.  I used it for the first time yesterday, and I like it.  It was pretty easy to use and got the floor pretty clean, even though we didn’t use any cleaner (there are steam mops that you can put cleaner in if you want).  The floors dried almost instantly, which was great.  There was no bucket or mop water involved, and I loved that I wasn’t worrying that there was chemical residue on the floor that Mingli crawls around on and sometimes tries to lick (I know, gross, but we try and stop him).  The steam also sanitizes the floor, again good for Mingli.  A few minor negatives/things I noticed.  The mop head gets hot as you are mopping.  This isn’t a problem, unless you have a baby crawling around after you as you are mopping.  This isn’t a huge deal, I just had to keep Mingli out of the room as I was mopping, which I have to do with any other kind of mopping I do anyways because I don’t want him in the mop water.  I had just originally thought that if there was no chemicals he could be in the room with me, but quickly realized that couldn’t happen.  Also, it said that it heats up and is ready in 30 seconds.  The first time I used it it took much longer than this.  The instruction manual said that the first time it could take a little while longer because the water needs to work its way from the tank to the mop head, but I didn’t expect it to take quite so long.  After sitting and waiting for about five minutes I finally left it while I went to go read some blog posts.  After a few minutes I came back and it was ready.  After mopping the kitchen I unplugged it, then later that day decided to mop the bathroom.  The second time I used it it heated up much faster.  I plugged it in and then swept the bathroom.  By the time I was done sweeping my small bathroom the mop was ready to use.  Overall I am really glad we bought it and I think it will make my life easier.


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