9 months

Yesterday Mingli turned 9 months, and boy has he grown.  He loves to explore all the time, and will just scoot all over the apartment.  Lately he has decided that he doesn’t like scooting as much and wants me to hold his hands so he can walk everywhere.  He is getting better and better at walking with me holding onto him.  He also now uses the furniture to walk around.  He can pull himself into a standing position on most furniture now, but the couch is still difficult for him because it is a little too tall.  A few times he has even let go of the furniture and tried to stand by himself.  He can only do that for a couple of seconds though before he falls.

Sometimes Mingli seems to be having separation anxiety.  He doesn’t always like other people holding him, but especially not if I am not nearby.

Mingli really doesn’t eat baby food very well.  Sometimes he will eat a few bites, but often he clamps his mouth shut as soon as I try and feed him and refuses to open it until I put the food away.  We have started going with just finger foods, and he loves those.  Mainly he eats breads, crackers, puff, stuff like that, because those are the easiest for him to feed himself, but he also eats fresh fruits, steamed/boiled veggies, and egg yolks.

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.


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