Last day at church and some packing

Yesterday was our last day at our current ward in our church.  In our church you are assigned to a ward based on where you live.  We are only moving 10 minutes away, but our new apartment will be in a different ward.  We don’t know most people here very well, because we have only been here 4 months, but there were some people I was starting to become friends with.  It made me sad to say good bye to them.  We also had to say good bye to the class we teach.  Kaanas and I have been teaching a class of 3 year olds, and they are so much fun, but also crazy.  Church will be more relaxing when I can just go to adult Sunday school and relief society, but I will definitely miss our kids.

Today Kaanas is at work, so I am packing more stuff to get it ready to be taken to our apartment tonight when he gets home.  We also have someone from our ward coming and helping Kaanas move some furniture, so I am getting the furniture ready.  I want to have most of the house packed by the time Kaanas gets home, but we will see what happens.  For a while I had Mingli on the bed with toys while I packed up our bedroom, but every time he saw me he would start laughing and lunge for me.  I was getting a little frustrated, because I wanted him to stay in the middle of the bed so he was safest, but he kept trying to scoot towards me.  Then I realized how silly it was to be upset with my baby just because he loves me.  He was happy every time I would poke my head up from where I was sitting right beside the bed and just wanted to spend some time with me.  Once I realized this I decided the packing could wait until he was down for a nap, which would only be in about half an hour anyways, and I climbed up on the bed with him.  We cuddled and played with his toys, and it was totally worth the half hour of packing I missed out on.


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