Kaanas’s grandpa wants to sell his house, so Kaanas and I have been looking for an apartment to rent.  A couple of weeks ago I found one that I like.  It is right near the library, a grocery store, two parks, and a few more things.  They also apparently do play groups there.  This is important to me because I have realized that when I am stuck at home all day while Kaanas has the car it really starts affecting my mood.  We almost applied right away, but we had a couple of other apartments that we wanted to see.  By the time we were ready to apply the listing had been taken down, so I thought it had already been rented out.  Yesterday I was looking for more apartments, and I found a new listing for another apartment in the same area.  According to the map it was a few blocks further away from everything that I would want to walk to, but it was still walking distance, and the same price as the other one, so I decided to call.  As soon as I started talking to the manager I realized the map on craigslist was wrong, this was the apartment I had looked at before, just a new listing!  I set up an appointment to go see it this morning, and arranged for Kaanas to come with me on his lunch break (it was supposed to be his day off today, but he went into work anyways because there was stuff that he had to get done).  We saw the apartment, and Kaanas liked it, so we filled out the application and gave it to her.  I expected it to take a few days for her to get back to me, but she called me a few hours later and told me the apartment was ours!  We are moving in this weekend.  It is really quick, so we will probably live in both the new apartment and the house we are in right now as we slowly move stuff over, but I am excited.  I keep planning where we will put everything and how we will decorate it.  I am also thinking about going to the library 3 or 4 times a week, and getting together with other mothers for play groups.  I feel like this will be so good for my emotional health.


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