Exploring the house

Mingli is getting better and better at scooting, and today he decided to explore the house.  We have been hanging out in the living room with his toys during the living room, and usually he scoots around and explores the room, but today he wasn’t content with just staying in the room, he wanted to go down the hall, in the foyer, and into all the rooms along the way.  He kept scooting around until he was so tired he was almost crying, and then he only took a break because I made him sit in my lap for a little while.  As he was doing that I kept having to pull him away from things and places because he could damage them or get hurt, and I started thinking.  Kaanas and I are looking for an apartment to move into because Kaanas’s grandpa wants to sell his house.  When we move I really want a baby friendly place.  I would love it if I could just shut a couple of the doors, such as the bathroom, and then everything else within his reach was ok for him to touch.  I know that won’t work forever, but it would be nice if we could do that just until he is old enough to understand no and follow very simple rules.  I want him to be able to explore as much as he wants and not to feel like he is constantly being stopped from doing things he wants to do.


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