Colombia, day 8

The main event for this day was the sealing of Cahir and Myma.  In our church we believe that marriages and families can be eternal, not just “til death do you part.”  In order for a marriage to be eternal we believe the husband and wife have to be sealed together in a temple.  In the United States the wedding and sealing happen at the same time, because a temple sealing is considered a legal wedding, but in Colombia you have to be married civilly before you can be sealed in the temple.  This is what Cahir and Myma were doing today.  We woke up early and again started getting ready.  Cahir and Myma had hired a professional photographer to come to the temple after they had been sealed and take pictures, so we got our wedding clothes back on and made sure we looked nice.

The temple in Colombia was beautiful.  In order to attend a temple sealing you have to have a temple recommend, which means you are living the standards of the gospel, and you need to have received your endowments.  The endowments are another ordinance done in the temple where you make covenants with God to live righteously.  Those of us who could go in went in with Cahir and Myma, while the rest walked around the temple grounds.  This was my first time attending a sealing.  I did not understand any of it, because it was again in Spanish, but it was beautiful (If you want to know more about temples or what they are for, this link will take you to a page on my church’s website that will tell you more.  I will also be happy to answer any questions).

After the sealing we took pictures on the temple grounds.  We took family pictures with the photographer, then he took Cahir and Myma off to take pictures just the two of them.  Roark had brought his camera, and it was really nice, so while Cahir and Myma were taking pictures he took pictures of other family members, including a few family pictures of me, Kaanas, and Mingli, and some pictures of just Kaanas and me.  I had been wanting some family pictures for a while, so it was nice to finally get them.

When Mingli started getting fussy we said good bye to Cahir and Myma, who were leaving on their honeymoon when they finished their pictures, and went back to the hotel.  We were all leaving Colombia the next day, and this was going to be Roark and Anais’s only real down in Colombia, we we debated on what to do.  Finally we decided to go to the old part of Bogota to walk around and do some shopping.  It was a cool little area with lots of people selling things on the side walk and in little stands.  We stopped for lunch at a place serving traditional Colombian food, but went shopping.  Roark and Anais had a small list of things they wanted, and a few members of my family wanted to buy some last souvenirs, so we spent a while walking around and looking at things.  After that we went to a huge mall and walked around.  Before we left the mall we stopped at a Crepes and Waffles place, because Roark and Anais could not come down to Colombia and not eat at our favorite new ice cream place.

In Bogota there was another church up on a hill like the one we walked to up in Cartagena, but this one had a cable car going up to it.  Some of my family wanted to do that, so Roark and Anais took anyone who wanted to up there.  Kaanas and I went back to the hotel.  We had to leave for the airport my 6 the next morning, and we didn’t have our stuff packed.  We spent the rest of the evening packing while my parents spent a last evening watching their grandson, and left early the next morning to come home to the U.S..  The trip back was long, and a little bit difficult.  On our plane ride from Colombia to the States the served us a meal, and brought Mingli some baby food.  He didn’t want it, so I put it on the tray and thought I had the lid closed tight enough.  Nope.  He grabbed at it before I could stop him and spilled it all over himself, me, and the floor.  I gave him to Kaanas so I could clean him up, and he grabbed Kaanas’s juice and spilled it all over himself, Kaanas, and the seat next to us, which was luckily empty.  The rest of the trip wasn’t nearly as eventful, thank goodness.

It was an amazing trip, and I would love to go back someday.


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