Colombia, day 7

Since this was the day of the wedding, we did not do a whole lot.  In the morning we went back to the mall, because we needed a couple of extra ties for people who couldn’t find their’s.  There was also a grocery store in the mall and I wanted to see if they had some chocolate spread that my family had bought in Cartagena.  It is a spread that has chocolate and vanilla, and I used to eat it all the time when I was in Russia.  My family found it in Cartagena and decided to try it.  I was so excited when I saw it and wanted to bring home a few things of it because I can’t find it anywhere here in the states.  So we got all that then headed back to the hotel.  My brother, Roark, had school all week so he was flying in today with his wife, Anais, and we wanted to be at the hotel to meet them when they came in.  We also needed to get all ready for the wedding.

One of the reasons we chose the hotel we did was because they advertised that they had laundry facilities, and some of us needed some clothes washed, including Kaanas, Mingli, and me.  When we got the the hotel we found out that the laundry facilities were not exactly what we thought.  In the kitchen they had a washboard and a cloths line.  They also did have washer/dryer hookups in case you brought your own on your vacation.  That meant that I had spent some time hand washing clothes that Kaanas, Mingli, and I needed washed, including clothes we needed that day for the wedding.  I had washed them early the day before and hung them out to dry, but they were still very wet.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but then I realized that the hotel had a blow dryer.  I spent the next half hour or so blow drying the clothes that we needed for the wedding that evening, then it was on to ironing (my dad had bought an iron that morning at the mall).  During all of this Roark and Anais hadn’t shown up, and since they were in a foreign country their cell phones didn’t work.  Also neither of them spoke Spanish.  It should have been simple for them to get to the hotel.  We had asked the hotel to send a driver, who was going to be standing just outside of customs with a sign with Roark’s name on it.  The taxi was already paid for and the driver knew where to go.  After a lot of time spent worrying, and dad trying to get a hold of them through the hotel, they finally showed up, and we spent the next two hours getting ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at 7 at night, and by the time we were all ready we were running just a little bit late.  We hurried out and started trying to get taxis.  We needed three of them because we had so many people.  Kaanas, Mingli, my 11 year old sister Avana, my 10 year old brother Shand, and I were in the second taxi.  Cahir told the taxi driver where to go, and he started driving.  About halfway there our taxi driver got a flat tire.  I was panicking cause now we were going to be late and I thought we might miss the wedding.  After a few minutes the taxi driver flagged us down another taxi because it was going to take him a while to get his tire fixed.  Our old taxi driver told our new taxi driver where to take us, and we left.  The only problem was our old taxi driver didn’t give our new taxi driver all the information, just the area and street that we needed to be on, and we didn’t know the name of the restaurant the wedding was taking place at, either.  This meant that we were dropped off on a street in downtown Bogota with no idea where we were going, except that we were looking for a nice restaurant that was having a wedding there that night.  It was also dark, and we had used all of our money to get there, so we couldn’t even get back to the hotel, and we had no way of getting in touch with my family.  We did the only thing we could think of to do, we started walking down the street.  At one point we stopped at a Subway hoping we could use one of the phones we had to get on the internet and possibly get in touch with my family that way, but that didn’t work.  After spending a few minutes in Subway trying to figure out what to do, we went out to keep walking down the street.  By this time we were half an hour late, and I knew my family would be worried.  Luckily they were worried enough that my dad had begun walking down the street to see if he could find us.  We met him and he took us back to the restaurant, where everyone was waiting outside.  They hadn’t had the wedding yet because they were waiting for us (and worried about us), so as soon as we arrived we all went us to where the ceremony was going to be.  The wedding was taking place at a nice restaurant, and the entire second floor was reserved.  The restaurant had taken care of all the decorations, food, and the cake, so all we had to do was show us.  It was a small ceremony, just family and a few close friends, maybe 30 people total.  It was all in Spanish, so I didn’t understand any of it, but Cahir and Myma were happy.  After the ceremony we took a few pictures and ordered our food.  The reception was just dinner and then cake.  It was simple and lovely.  The entire time Mingli was being passed around between people, mainly Myma’s family, which was nice because I got to have a quiet dinner, but I also kept worrying about him because people would go walk around with him (I didn’t mind them walking around with him, he loved looking at the different rooms in the restaurant, I just worry when he is out of my sight for too long).

Kaanas and I had to leave as soon as everything was over because Mingli was really tired and needed to go to bed.  The ride back to the hotel was uneventful, and we were glad to be back and able to just lay down and relax.


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