Colombia, day 6

Today we took  a bus to a small town about an hour outside of Bogota.  This town was amazing.  I wished that I could have spent hours just walking around it.  It was what I imagined Colombia to be.  The buildings were Spanish style, and there were old churches that we were able to go in.  We stopped for lunch at a place serving traditional Colombian food, then started heading to our real destination.  Beside this little town there is a hill that has a mine in it.  The church down there has taken this mine and made it into a cathedral, and that was where we were heading.  We walked up the hill  to the cathedral entrance, and the views of the town were amazing.  When we got to the top we joined up with an English tour group and went through the cathedral.  It was pretty cool.  They had carved things like angels and crosses out of the stone, and there were a few chapels they had made throughout the mine.  At the end they of course had a gift shop, and Kaanas bought me some lovely earrings.  After that it was back down the hill and back to Bogota to have dinner with Myma’s family.

We met Myma’s family at a shopping mall.  Of course, the first thing we did was stop at a Crepes and Waffles place to get ice cream, then we walked around a little.  At one point I looked back and saw a man holding Mingli and almost panicked, until I realized it was Myma’s dad.  Myma’s whole family loved Mingli and spent a good deal of time holding him.

After we had walked around the mall for a bit we went and got dinner at a burger place, the same one as we went to in Cartagena, except this one was a sit down restaurant with things like ribs in addition to their burgers.  After that it was back to the hotel to the hotel to get some sleep.


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