Adventure eating out

To celebrate getting our tax return Kaanas and I decided to go eat out at a buffet this afternoon.  We had a fun time talking and relaxing, and it was even better because Mingli has started doing really well at these kinds of places ever since he started being able to sit in a high chair and eat french fries or some other soft food.  Everything was going well, until we were eating desert and Mingli leaned forward enough that I got a good look behind him.  While we were in the restaurant he had a dirty diaper, and it had leaked all in the high chair.  I took him to the bathroom and got him all cleaned up, but his clothes were now dirty, and of course I had forgotten to bring him an extra outfit.  His blanket was also dirty now because I had wrapped him in it because I had to walk across the whole restaurant and right past all the food to get to the bathrooms.  I don’t know about you, but when I am out eating I don’t really want to see a baby covered in poop as I am getting my food, kind of spoils my appetite.  Anyways, so this meant that Mingli now had no clothes to wear, and we didn’t even have a blanket to wrap him in.  And did I mention it was snowing outside?

With Mingli clean I went back to the table so Kaanas and I could figure out what to do about the high chair.  We didn’t want to just leave it for our waitress, but we also didn’t know what to do.  We had baby wipes, but nothing to sanitize it with.  So after talking about it I went and asked the waitress if she had some kind of sanitizer that we could use for just a minute.  She came over to our table and we explained what had happened.  Apparently they have something in the back that they use to spray down and sanitize the high chairs, so she just took the high chair.  After that we left, leaving almost a 50% tip ( we have discovered that even if a restaurant does not charge more for Mingli, it still costs us more because he always makes some kind of a mess, and then Kaanas and I feel like we need to leave a larger tip to make up for the servers having to clean up behind us).  The only problem was that Mingli was still naked, and it was still wet, cold, and snowing.  We fixed the problem by giving him my jacket and having him wear that, but then I was freezing.  Life with a baby is interesting sometimes.


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