Colombia, day 5

Today we flew from Cartagena to Bogota (the city Myma lives in and where her and Cahir got married).  The airplanes down there were really nice.  They all had T.V.s for each of the seats that you could watch for free, and they still gave out free snacks, even though it was less than a two hour flight.  There was also more space and the seats were comfy.

When we got to Bogota we had a van waiting for us from the hotel we were staying in.  The hotel was really nice.  We decided to go with something nicer because we could get suits, and then we only needed two rooms instead of four.  We did not stay at the hotel long, we just dropped off our stuff and left, because we had things we wanted to do.

We decided to take the bus to go to a museum, and the buses there are crazy.  The bus stops, and then you have about a minute from the time the doors open to when they close.  In this time you need to get everyone off who wants to get off, and everyone on who wants to get on.  This is incredibly stressful when you have 11 people, including children, who need to fight through a crowd to get on the bus.  To make matters worse, we also had a stroller.  Luckily we all made it.

The museum we went to was called the gold museum.  There were lots of gold relics made by various ancient inhabitants of Colombia.  It was pretty cool to see.  After the museum we stopped for lunch, at a Tex Mex place.  It was kind of strange being in South America having their version of our version of Mexican food.

After that we just walked around a bit.  Bogota looks more like a big city in the States than Cartagena did.  It has a lot of sky scrapers and modern buildings, but then there is something different about it, too, and sometimes you will come to a very South American looking building.  When we drove through the residential areas it definitely looked South American.  The houses down there are just really cool.


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