Colombia, day 3

One of the things we had talked about doing while we were in Colombia was going to an island near Cartagena where you could go snorkeling, so we decided to do that.  The boats weren’t running that day because of the tide, but a taxi driver told Cahir that there was a bridge onto the island, so we got some taxis together (it took three because we had 11 people, plus Mingli, who we held because not only were car seats not required, but the back seats of the taxis didn’t even have working seat belts, so there was no point in bringing a car seat), and went out.  The place they took us was not the island we had been wanting to go to, but it was a nice beach.  We got a table inside a little grass hut type place that was actually a restaurant, and we were able to leave our stuff there and whoever wasn’t swimming hung out there (they said this was ok, and we ordered lunch from them).

Kaanas and I again went out in the water, and it was pretty much the same as it had been the day before.  There were big waves, and I kept freaking out because the waves were getting in my face.  I actually did have fun, though.  It is not very often that Kaanas and I get to spend a lot of time together just us anymore.  It was really nice to have my family watching Mingli while Kaanas and I hung out.  After a little while in the waves we went to build a sand castle with my brother Shand.  It wasn’t really a sand castle, more like just a mound of sand, but it was fun.

For lunch the people who owned the restaurant brought out some fish on a tray and let us pick which ones we wanted.  We had no idea what kind of fish they were, but we got a couple and shared them, along with some soup and rice.  It was really good, but I wish I knew what kind of fish we had.  The restaurant was really kind of cool, too.  The tables were all outside under this little grass hut, and the restaurant was just a little family thing.  All they served was the fish, soup, and rice.  The small children played outside of the kitchen while the mother and father cooked inside and served the food.

By this time Mingli was getting tired and hungry, so we headed back.  We relaxed in the hotel room for much of the rest of the afternoon, then in the evening my parents watched Mingli while Kaanas and I went on a date.  We went to a little crepes and waffles place and I actually got food at one of them for the first time.  I got a chicken crepe, and it was almost like a quesadilla, except it was made with a crepe instead of a tortilla.  It was great to be able to go out with just me and Kaanas.  We don’t get to do that very often, but I am hoping we can start doing it more.


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