8 Months

I haven’t given an update on Mingli in a couple of months.  He turned 8 months last month, and boy is he changing.  He weighs a little more than 16 pounds (I can’t remember how many ounces), and is in 9 month clothes.  He has been sitting for a while, but about a month ago, after he started sitting well, he all of a sudden started falling forward on his face a lot.  I was confused at first, because it seemed like he was getting worse at sitting, but then I realized he was trying to learn how to get from a sitting position onto his tummy so he could scoot around.  He has mastered that now, so no more scraped noses from falling on his face.  He also scoots really well now, and is on his way to crawling.  When he scoots now he is not really on his tummy anymore.  He tries to do it on his elbows and knees.  Most of the time it is not done very well, but he is getting there.

Socially Mingli is really developing.  He plays little games with us, and will sometimes seem to be trying to initiate games.  Mingi and Kaanas were laying in bed, and Mingli put his head down behind a pillow, then popped back up and smiled, like we do when playing peek-a-boo with him.  He did this several times, and thought it was great when Kaanas caught on and started saying boo when he popped back up.  He also seems to be trying to share his toys with me.  He will sit in my lap or sit beside me sucking on a toy, then he will look up at me, take the toy out of his mouth, and try and put it in mine.  It is really sweet.

Solids are not going very well.  He really doesn’t seem to like them and sometimes I can only get him to eat a few bites.  I have tried feeding him real foods instead of baby food (mashed banana or cooked carrots instead of the baby food kind), but he hates that even more.  The only things he seems to actually like are puffs and graham crackers, which he gets when mommy really wants to eat dinner but can’t because he wants to either grab her food or grab the table cloth and pull everything off the table.  I guess I will jut keep trying.  Eventually he will eat solid foods, and in the meantime we are both still enjoying nursing.


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