Colombia, day 2

The hotel we were staying at advertised an American style free breakfast, so Kaanas and I went to check it out.  I was interested to see what their idea of American food was, because when I was in England I went to an American restaurant and learned that other country’s American food is kind of like our food from other countries, sometimes similar, but not exactly the same.  The American breakfast was the same thing.  It did resemble the kind of breakfast we might have here, but it definitely was not the same.  The eggs were different, they had put some kind of liquid in them, the sausage was hot dots, just little things like that.  I wasn’t really a big fan, but some of my family liked it.

After everyone had eaten we all got ready and went down to the beach.  One of the first things I noticed about the beach in Colombia was a few people making their way down the beach setting up these little tents with beach chairs in them that were open in the front and in the back.  Cahir talked to one of the people and paid him some money, then told us they were setting out the tents and chairs so people could rent them for the day.

There were a lot of people selling things on the beach there.  Some of them were selling things like jewelry or little toys, some were selling food, including sea food they were carrying around in a bucket, and some were walking around giving massages for money.  The massages were kind of funny, because one lady came up to mom and just stared rubbing her feet with lotion.  Mom tried to tell her no, but she just kept doing it anyways, so mom got a foot massage.

Kaanas and I left Mingli with the family members who just wanted to sit in the chairs and relax and we went out into the water.  The waves were really big, and they kept getting in my face, so I kept freaking out, which Kaanas thought was funny.  After I had finally had enough of the waves we went and got Mingli and sat him in the sand where the waves just barely hit him.  He loves water, so he thought it was great.

After that Mingli was getting tired and hungry, so Kaanas and I took him back to the hotel to feed and put him down for a nap while everyone else finished playing at the beach.  By the time Mingli was awake everyone was back and ready to head out again.  We decided to go to the walled city, the old, historic part of the town.  It was so beautiful.  We went through a couple of old churches, walked down some of the streets, and bought some souvenirs from the people selling on the side of the road.  We stopped at this ice cream place called Crepes and Waffles for a little snack.  We didn’t know it at the time, but Crepes and Waffles is actually really popular down there.  This would be the first of many time we ate at a Crepes and Waffles place.  This time we just got ice cream, but at other times we got real food.  They had some interesting flavors of ice cream.  Many of them were fruit flavors, like passion fruit, blackberry, and a few others that I don’t know.  I got a caramel flavor and one with brownies in it.  It was really good.

After the ice cream we walked around a little more, including going up on the wall, until it started getting dark.  There was a monastery on a hill overlooking Cartegena that had a really nice view.  Normally it was only open during the day, but that night there was a religious procession so it was open at night.  Cahir said it would be prettier at night because we could see the lights from the town.  I didn’t really agree, I thought being able to see all of the scenery and the buildings would be nicer, but we decided to go up at night.  Not everyone wanted to walk up to the monastery, because it was about a mile up a hill, a pretty steep hill, so some people went back to the hotel while the rest of us climbed up the hill.  It was a really steep climb, but the top was pretty.  We couldn’t actually go in the monastery, but we walked around outside it a little, then walked back down.  I had thought the religious procession was some sort of parade, so I asked Cahir about it.  Nope, the religious procession was all the people walking up the hill with us (there were thousands).  It was apparently an act of penance, walking up the hill.

We went to a burger place for dinner, then went to bed.  It was a great day, but by the end we were so exhausted.


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