Teaching Mingli to splash

So this week I taught Mingli to do something that Kaanas says is going to come back to bite me.  I taught Mingli to splash in the bathtub.  He has been splashing with his feet for a while, because his reclining bath seat puts his feet at just the right level to splash, but now that he is sitting up in the bathtub (with my constant support) he can’t splash with his feet.  He has always seemed to enjoy splashing, so while he was taking a bath I just splashed gently with my hands a couple of times.  He watched me, and I did it a few more times.  After I had done it a few times he took both hands and slammed them into the water several times.  This started a game where I would splash a couple of times, then he would splash a couple of times.  We continues this for several minutes until it was time to wash him up and get him out of the tub.  It was so fun to have him watching me and imitating me like that.  I love that Mingli and I can interact now, even if I miss him being a newborn.  Watching him interact more and more with the world and those around him is just so much fun.


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