Hosting Thanksgiving

I am a little behind on my posts on here, so here is my Thanksgiving post.

I was really excited about Thanksgiving this year because it was going to be my first year really hosting it.  We had Kaanas’s family coming down, and they invited a family friend to have Thanksgiving with us because she was going to school nearby and did not have any other place to go for Thanksgiving since her family lives on the other side of the country.  I got everything organized as far as making a list of what we would have for dinner and making sure everyone’s favorite dishes were included and different stuff like that, but I kind of thought that when Kaanas’s family got here his parents would take over being in charge.  Nope, my house, so it was me in charge.  Everyone helped cook of course, it would have been way too much for me to do by myself, but everyone was asking me what I needed help with, and where I wanted food put, and when to start things, and stuff like that.  It was kind of stressful, but lots of fun, and I was really proud of it when it was all done.  It came together pretty much all how I wanted it too, and just about on time.  Since Kaanas had to be at work at 4 in the afternoon we decided we wanted dinner ready between 12 and 1, and it was all done at about 12:50.  On the late side of our time frame, but still within the range we had wanted.

I was a little worried about Mingli getting upset with me cooking all day and not paying attention to him (he is used to my almost constant attention), but it turns out the family friend who came loves kids and is great with them.  She took over most of Mingli’s care for the morning, and I was able to get the cooking done.  This was so nice because there would have been no way I could have cooked with Mingli upset.  It was nice hearing Mingli laughing and cooing, and knowing that even though I couldn’t pay attention to him at the moment he was being well taken care of and was happy.

It really was a fantastic Thanksgiving, but I am so glad it is only once a year, because it was exhausting.


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